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In the wake of 'Learning at Work Week', we wanted to look at a first hand view of one of our team:

I believe that learning and development is important for everyone to progress in every aspect of their lives.

At Service Care Solutions, this is something that is truly understood and with that SCS commit to a number of opportunities to all employees across the business to assist in their learning and development. From day one there are an array of different courses that new consultants can attend to help them develop in the early stages of their careers and these courses are actually provided by managers across the company who, themselves, have been through specific training delivery courses to enable them to deliver effective courses.

These managers also have access to a number of courses to help with their own personal development and also to provide them with additional knowledge and skills they can use to develop others around them. These courses are:

• Coaching and Mentoring Certificate Level 5
• Leadership and Management short course
• Leadership and Management level 4
• Leadership and Management level 5
• Leadership and Management level 7

And either in addition to or alternatively, there is the opportunity for a mentor to be assigned to an individual.

I have personally benefited from SCS’ commitment to learning and development by being provided both the opportunity to undertake a CMI Leadership and Management Level 5 course as well as being given the opportunity to be mentored by one of the Directors of the company.

The course enabled me to get a greater understanding of various aspects of being both a leader and manager and taught me the importance of self-reflection.

I have managed to apply what I learned on the course to various aspects of my role and it has helped me to develop myself from a Team Leader to a Divisional Manager, as well as enabling me to also become a Chartered Manager.

At the time I was assigned my mentor I was a Team Leader; for a Director to be able to take the time out of their busy schedule to mentor someone at that level I believe demonstrates where the commitment to learning and development comes from at SCS - it is engrained at the top and its importance is passed down to all levels of its importance. I want to say thank you to both SCS and to all those that have helped me learn and develop and look forward to continuing to bettering myself and others for the future.

We have a number of vacancies at Service Care Solutions ranging from payroll assistant to recruitment consultant. If you would like to find out more about these roles please contact us here.
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