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At Service Care Solutions we embrace healthy competition on a regular basis; initiatives such as employee, blog or suggestion of the month, to name a few. On my team (probation) we have been running a 'bake off', of which the first round recently concluded, but what did we learn? Is competition good for team morale or does it create barriers?

I delved a little deeper and authors of “Top Dog; The Science of Winning and Losing” quote research that says; 25% of people wilt and become disengaged, 25% of people simply don’t care and the remaining 50% of people benefit massively from competition. But what does this mean; would competition motivate your team? Will it boost productivity or will it create animosity between teams?

During the 'bake off' in our team, we experienced a mixture of feelings; pressure, lack of confidence, happiness, surprise, regret and everything in-between. We all wanted to win but there could only be one winner! Well done Tasha, the eventual winner,but did anyone feel the grudge there? 

Despite my obvious grudge, our team love competition but when does it turn sour? I think it depends on the dynamic of your team, how comfortable you are in saying “Stuart this cake tastes really bitter, sorry” and how your colleague takes criticism, (I found him crying in the corner later on). However, the authors of “Top dog” also think it depends on gender; they claim that men are over-confident and embrace competition whereas females tend to avoid it at all costs and disengage. Is this the case in your team?

You can find the article here

Recently we also introduced a new training platform in which consultants can watch videos and learn about the world of recruitment from industry experts. Part of the platform is a leader board, in which you gain ‘XP’ for content you complete (experience points for the 'non-gamers' out there). This has started a competition between users and has created more drive to partake in training with a little fun. This is a genuine example of when competition can be used to better staff and increase knowledge in a business while hopefully avoiding tiffs. No one is going to fall out about work training, right?

Overall, I believe healthy competition is what keeps a team thriving, increases productivity and creates stronger bonds with your colleagues – regardless of gender by the way Top dog! So, I have listed a few competition ideas which have worked well for our team:

Bake off (we’re doing a pie round next)
Incentives for Free Lunch (Everyone loves food, very effective on our team)
Incentives for team activities (Everyone is a winner, also effective for team building)
Team Quiz on work knowledge (who doesn’t love a quiz?)
Riddles (great way to get your brain working on a Monday morning)
Training – Leader board 

Give it a go and see how your team fares!

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