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Lockdown Life and My Habits

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It seems somewhere between a few days to a lifetime ago that the pandemic put the UK into 'lock down'. Suddenly, the whole of the UK were told to 'stay at home'.

It has been well-documented that this will have had severe implications on a huge amount of the population: the lonely, the isolated, the vulnerable, the abused, to name a few. I really do empathise with these people and I'd like to add that this is a light-hearted blog where I express my thoughts and opinions on how I have been feeling through lock down and how my experience will have been so different to a certain demographic... 

I've been wondering about a certain 'group of society' - that particularly vibrant group of people known as 'extroverts'. You know the type - outgoing, social butterflies that love to be with other people and love to be out and about most of the time. They have been forced to do something that they rarely usually do: that being, 'staying at home'. 

The ones who’ll be posting a picture of themselves on Instagram in yet another exotic location.
The ones who are posing with a group of similarly posing friends, all pulling the same “we’re so happy” face.
The ones who have completed yet another 5k run for some noble cause or other. Those people who are literally NEVER at what they (for some reason) call home. Outgoing isn’t a strong enough word to describe you. Your “home” is essentially a bed for the night, and at first light you’re off out again – probably exercising or socialising or Instagramming – lots of things I know literally nothing about.
The sort of people whose house is always spotlessly tidy… well of course it is, you’re hardly ever there. I was hopeful that my mentality towards exercise and socialising would have vastly improved during this period, but alas, I really. really, really can't be bothered with either.

I just cannot relate to this mentality. Don't get me wrong, I know it's good for you etc., but I love my home life, my house and everything in it. I love getting in after a busy day at work, sticking my dressing gown on, and proceeding to do as little as possible before going to bed as early as possible; not really worth updating Facebook with yet another picture of me doing absolutely nothing is it? In fact, actually mustering up the strength to drag my sorry self out of bed in the morning feels like an achievement, let alone actually getting into a car and driving somewhere. Why would I want to do anything if I don’t have to? Luckily, I’ve got two children who effectively act as an alarm clock, the smaller of the two slapping me in the face until I move every single morning.

Another reason why I love being at home, one of the things which I love the most, is that there’s only me and my family in it. 

I can’t imagine this will be gratefully received by the aforementioned 'outgoing' sort of people. The sort of people who think Leonardo DiCaprio’s “Inception” is too long. 2 hours 28 minutes of sitting still, occasionally lifting your hand towards your face to eat something undoubtedly not good for you. Sounds like Heaven, and probably explains why I watched it so many times. Then, out of nowhere, my other half introduced me to a virtual P.E. class from the comfort of your own living room. “P.E. with Joe – offering exercise and fun for the whole family”! The general idea of this was to replace school childrens' P.E. lessons, whilst getting us lazy parents involved at the same time. Like most of the country, I gave this a go, and it went something like this:

1) Week One – this isn’t so bad, it’s about time I actually did some exercise I suppose
2) Week Two – wow, I’m actually getting quite into this. I’ll be shifting weight and running marathons in no time at all! *buys lots of workout gear online* 
3) Week Three – well, I’m not quite ready for the Olympics just yet, but I’m sure I’ll carry on getting fitter and fitter 
4) Week Four – wow this is so boring. Do I actually have to do this every day?
5) Week Five – sod this.

I fail to believe that people actually enjoy exercising. Do you enjoy your muscles hurting and being in pain? Maybe you actually care what you look and feel like, in which case, good for you, but no thanks - it's not for me - I prefer takeaways, sleeping and watching TV. It's not a pretty picture - and that's why there won't be any posted online!
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