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Make a Difference on International Day of Charity

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Today marks International Day of Charity, but what is it, why is it celebrated and what do Service Care Solutions do throughout the year to support worthy causes?

International Day of Charity was declared officially by the UN General Assembly in 2012 and has been celebrated annually ever since; this date was selected as it commemorates the anniversary of the death of Mother Teresa, who was world-renowned for her work to overcome poverty and distress in some of the world’s poorest people.

The day’s main aim is to enhance and increase social responsibility between all of us, and rally the public’s support in general. It is a day to raise awareness and provide a platform for charity events to take place on a global scale. We have a rather significant Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) ethos here at Service Care Solutions, and because of this, we thought we would highlight this important day in the calendar.

The UN encourages charity donations and tried to drive education and awareness-raising activities in order to push the importance of charity. Whilst we aren’t doing anything specific here at the company today, we have a wealth of CSR activities year round that make sure we give back to the local and wider community. Here is just a taste of some of the things we do…

Chip Challenge

Firstly, we have a CSR initiative that works in conjunction with an employee reward system: When one of our team does some exceptional work, they get given a poker chip with their name on.

The CSR Part: We have charity collection boxes (like they have for tokens in the supermarkets) in the office and the employee pops the chip into the box for their chosen charity. Last year, our nominated charities were Alzheimer's Society, Derian House, Lancashire Mind, St Catherine's Hospice and the Space Centre. For every chip in the box at the end of the year, Service Care Solutions donate £1 to the charity. The

Employee Reward Part: As well as empowering our staff to pick who they would like the company to donate to on their behalf, we also put all the chips into a tombola-style draw at our annual awards. Last year's top prize was a £1250 holiday voucher! Obviously, the more chips you get, the more chance you have of winning a prize in the draw so we find it works well as a motivator.

Find out who we raised money for last year by clicking here.

Derian House Corporate Challenge

When the local children’s hospice, Derian House, told us of this challenge we were keen to give it a go. The premise is this; they give a company £50 and the company must use that £50 to generate as many donations to the charity as possible. Given that we are a firm full to bursting with big personalities with a competitive drive, we worked hard to get to the top of the leaderboard with this one! We did things such as BBQs, a tuck shop, an ice cream stall and a trek of the Yorkshire 3 Peaks to raise funds for this worthy cause. We are pleased to announce that we finished in third place out of 23 companies; the overall initiative raising over £30,000 for Derian House.

Donating our Time

We are very aware that it isn’t just money that these charities are in need of and, due to this, we frequently ask our staff to help out on projects such as The Foxton Centre’s Smiths Rec. As well as this, we have helped with the gardens at The Space Centre and done additional work for The Calvert Trust. We also plan to lend some of the team out to help with further initiatives in the near future.

Forthcoming Footie Frenzy

As mentioned earlier, we have some very competitive individuals in our employ, and inter-team competition is rife! To this end, Team Criminal Justice and Team Mental Health have organised a charity football match this coming Friday in aid of Derian House. Each player will pay an entry fee and Service Care Solutions will donate £10 for each goal scored. Hopefully there will be no scraps on the pitch, but at least it’s all in the name of charity if there are! Find out more about our teams here.

As well as these initiatives, we do a number of ad-hoc events throughout the year, including bake sales (we are taking part in the World’s Biggest Coffee Morning on 27th September in aid of Macmillian), dress down days, sponsorships or prize donations. These small things do add up – just check out the fantastic light floor we were able to donate The Space Centre!

Whilst we appreciate that not everyone is in a position to help others, perhaps you could think about how you can make a difference today, the International Day of Charity, whether it be checking on an elderly neighbour or buying someone less fortunate than you a hot drink.
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