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I hope everyone is staying safe and well during this difficult time. Recently I received an email from one of my current contractors thanking me for the support I provided for him through a difficult period in his life and wanted to share the story as it has put a smile on my face!

To give you a little background on this, I had a contract available for him to start in a different location to where he resides, however, this contract nearly became a non-starter as my candidate had a serious skin disorder that majorly affected his mental health and wellbeing, he was comfortable enough with me to even send me pictures of this and it was sad to see so much distress across his skin.

The problem for him was the fact he felt he may be judged based on how he looked at that time and he was adamant he did not want to leave his property and wanted to lock himself away from the world. As a recruitment consultant I think we all have a job to support our candidates through all situations that may arise whether that being positive or negative, with this in mind I did not want him to miss out on this opportunity and I gave him as much positive advice as I possibly could around how things can quickly change for the better.

After a few lengthy conversations with him my contractor decided that he was not going to let his current situation affect his future going forward and it is safe to say he grabbed the bull by the horns and embraced it! I am not seeking any glory for this as I think as people and human beings we all need to do our bit for anybody that needs that little push in there time of need.

As mentioned above I today received the below email with photos from my contractor who has now been in placement for 6 weeks:

“Hi Vinny, I just wanted to show you how much my skin’s improved since I came here and stopped using the cream the hospital gave me. I also want to thank you for your encouragement and support when I was going through a bad time and it was at its worse. It meant a lot  - have a great weekend!

Warm regards M***"

Receiving this email made my day, I spoke with him since to ask if I was able to share this positive story, which he was more than happy with. I want to take this opportunity to thank my contractor for all his dedication and hard work whilst in placement. The reason I enjoy recruitment so much is because of success stories like yours. You’re a great person and a great worker and I am privileged to have you work with me at this time!

The moral of the story for me is no matter how hard times get if you pull together and get the right support you can achieve anything you want!

 If you are actively seeking work within the substance misuse field and you would like to work with myself going forward please get in touch with me or call directly on 01772 208962.

 Stay strong and Stay Safe!
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