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Missing Football? Here's a Little Something to Fill the Void!

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Its Blog Time! With no football, or sport, for that matter being played at the moment I wanted to provide us all with a bit of sporting nostalgia...

I took a trip down memory lane back to my first ever goal within a competitive setting. It was back in year 3 a ‘young Wilesy’ was working hard in the back garden working on his first touch and shooting at the wooden bench against the wall. I scored some absolute worldies in that garden acting (and looking) like Beckham.

In our school there were only 2 football teams - an A and B team, which was usually Year 5 and Year 6 children, so really I had no chance being picked for the team only being in Year 3. However, I was making waves on the playground which caught the eye of the coach and also some of the older players. The coach asked me if I would like to come play for the B team to see how I get on against the older players.

Obviously I replied with, “I’m going to have to ask my dad to see if that’s ok.” My dad was buzzing and took me straight to JJB sports to go and pick some boots out. Back then I was Beckham mad so I was heading straight for the ‘Adidas Predator’ section. I picked up a pair of Predator Touch, did a couple sprints in them around JJB and then took a penalty in the 5 a side pitch that was in the middle of the shop. These were the boots for me!

The big day was here, Kennington vs St Claire’s! I woke nervous, struggling to eat my chocolate Ready Brek with chocolate sauce. My dad wished me good luck and told me he would be there to support me.

I got to school and walked in like I owned the place. The teacher was trying to put me on milk duty. I was like, “no, don’t you know I’ve got a big game tonight?” When she was trying teach History I was up stretching and doing heel flicks. Today was my day and no teacher was going to bring me down!

The game started. Obviously I was on the bench being 2-3 years younger than these players, who by the way looked huge. I can’t remember the score, but I remember when Mr A called me over and told me to have a quick warm up because I was going on. This was it - focused on what I was going to do, I walked onto the pitch touching the ground and looking up to the sky. I started off very shaky and took a heavy challenge early on. Then, the moment came. I picked the ball up fairly deep into my own half, quick step over past the right winger, faked a pass inside, I’m now at the half way line. I have a look up. With zero movement from my team, I decided to take this upon myself and hit this ball so perfectly and with players and goal keepers just watching and staring at the ball, it hit the back of the net going straight into the top corner. I ran off to my dad as I couldn’t believe what had happened.

The goal was that good and impressed the coach that much he wrote a mini article on the goal and pinned it up outside the staff room titled ‘Lethal Left’ For the next few weeks, I ran the school. Feet on the table in class, everyone wanting to sit next to me at lunch - life was great. This was the peak of my football career, Thanks for reading.

I'm not just amazing at football, I'm also pretty good at recruiting the right people for the right role within the Mental Health Sector, such as a Band 6 Mental Health Nurse. If you are looking for a job or looking to fill a role, please get in touch.
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