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Well… this is a subject I could talk about forever, it something I feel very passionate about and I'm also a bit of a geek with it! However, I only have a limited number of words, so here goes…

I guess it all started when I was 4 years old and saw Michael Jackson's thriller video, it absolutely terrified me! But I was fascinated by it at the same time, I guess it was the feeling of being scared and also loved how the zombies and werewolves looked. I was mesmerized! So growing up from a young age (6) I watched Jaws, A Nightmare on Elm Street (the cover photo of this blog is me with Robert Englund - Freddy Krueger himself!) and Carrie, (I wasn’t supposed to though!) and I fell in love with horror movies - they were so much fun and exciting, like a roller-coaster ride, they had me gripped!

As an early teen, we had sleepovers and rented horror videos each weekend, going for the scariest front cover, I guess that excitement for younger ones is not there anymore as we can all see pretty much anything we want at the click of a button (boring)! The excitement of finding the most gruesome film cover was amazing! This was all after the video nasties banning where so many pre-cert movies were banned and people could receive a fine for having certain copies of these movies, even video shop owners were arrested for selling these! I still have VHS tapes of horrors; I just can’t part with them.

So growing up I was always fascinated with anything weird and wonderful, and collected horrors of all sub genres, (my collection is still growing)! I guess I was so lucky to find my other half who was also into horror, winner (he can be seen below with megastar Kiefer Sutherland)! To the present day, as I mentioned, my collection of horror is still growing, from films, figures, documentaries, special editions of movies, books, magazines such as Fangoria, masks, film posters, pictures, art work, home wear and other horror related items. With the documentaries, I just love how films are made, the effects used and how it all came together, also they go into depth of where horror movies all started and all the black and whites such as Creature from the Black lagoon, Nosferatu, Frankenstein etc.

Also, back in the 70s, 80s, 90s, people used practical effects - so much time, passion and love went into these and it showed, they looked more real and much more fun, in my opinion there is nothing fun about CGI. Tom Savini is a fantastic special effects artist; his work is amazing, we were so lucky to meet him at a film convention in London a few years ago, (I totally 'fangirled')!

We have been to many film conventions since 2012 in London, Manchester, Birmingham, Sheffield and met some amazing actors and actresses. As a child it was my dream to meet some of these actors, it was unreal. I have had fabulous opportunity to meet many horror icons and have photos and I have many things signed also. The film conventions are out of this world, there are so many things to buy, collectibles, movies, everything, the atmosphere is incredible, horror walk through, people dressed up etc. We have met so many friends over the years through these film conventions as we have the same interests in horror and the same humour as most movies are so much fun and have a black humour about them. It’s so amazing to see 3 generations of families at these conventions as it passed down and the classic movies will always be classics. It’s just a spectacular day! I think the horror fan base community is so loyal, fun and so friendly and so down to earth!

Last year I was lucky enough to see the Original Nightmare on Elm Street at the cinema, it was absolute amazing (I was far too young to see it when it was released originally). I will always love the classics as I find movies that are released today are mainly remakes, (tut!), although I do enjoy a select few of horrors that are released nowadays, the more supernatural ones are fab. I find a lot of Italian and French horrors incredible and they don’t hold back on anything, especially the gore!

So there you go… keep watching horror and have fun with it - when you watch a movie, make sure it blows your mind!

P.S. as soon as I hear Michael Jackson's Thriller, my tummy does turn a bit with nerves / excitement still!

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