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In a Chinese wet market was where it all started,
(Allegedly) according to the man on the news,
But whatever the source of this new viral force,
We all have a case of the coronavirus blues.

We watched from afar the growing panic in China,
Not appreciating the severity of the issue,
We'll be fine over here, we've got no need to fear,
Wash your hands, catch your coughs in a tissue.

But suddenly things changed when by plane COVID came,
And landed much closer to our shores,
And then it hit home, that the nightmare in Rome,
Could be us if we didn't close our doors.

But we acted too late and left open the gate,
And low and behold it's now here,
COVID doesn't respect borders or Government orders,
And now our worry has become fear!

We've been caught off guard and the spread has been fast,
And we're now heading into the unknown,
We are all now awake, and drastic steps we must take,
To stop this viral cyclone!

The public response has been rather perplexing,
With panic buying and stockpiling rife,
It is wrong, it is selfish, unnecessary, and vexing,
Trolleys filled with loo roll, get a life!

We are now in lockdown, all the bars closed in town,
And there will be no gym for a while,
But we're starting to act, we've begun to fight back,
Don't be down, soldier on, try and smile!

Though the light in the tunnel is a long way away,
We must never let go of our hope,
We all must now do what us Brits do best,
We must fight, we must battle, we will cope!

 We've been through much worse than this virus before,
And we will beat this scourge in the end,
We must muster the spirit that has seen us through wars,
And together, on its way, we will send!

We will find a cure, and the science will prevail,
And one day we can all reminisce,
About the time we worked together to beat back this threat,
Stay strong, think of others, we will get through this!!

Although we are now all working remotely to help stop the spread of this virus, we are still very much operational as a business. I recruit for the Mental Health division so if you are looking for work, please get in touch.
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