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New Year? Bring it on!

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Do you know what day it is?

I must be honest, the only reason I do is because I am working today (and, even then, I’ve had to check my computer’s calendar a few times).

What a strange phenomenon – the days in between Christmas and New Year when things fall into a turkey laden mince pie funk of time suspension… when we literally are what we eat; pigs in blankets!

It all starts off very well; we finish work around the 24th and we are excited to be ‘Driving Home for Christmas’. This year, of course, has been very different but I’m sure we have all made the most of it.

Many people would relish in the fact they have a few weeks off at Christmas but, as much as I enjoy the break, I have learned that I actually benefit from working in the days between Christmas and New Year. As of yesterday, I was ready to get back into a routine (whatever ‘a routine’ is these days) – for me, the fact that I slept in until 11am and then took a nap at 1.30pm meant that the ‘holidays’ were doing me more harm than good. It has taken me a while, but I've learned that keeping myself (relatively) busy is key to my good mental health.

Even though I initially despair when my alarm clock goes off in the morning and I could definitely sleep in until lunchtime most days and watch Netflix til sundown, I 100% know that I am at my happiest and most thriving when I get up early, work all day and push myself at the gym.

I haven't worked out for over over a week now and I am really feeling it (in a negative way... in the past I may have thought I was 'feeling ok' not working out due to the fact I didn't have sore muscles and 'because it was Christmas so I deserved to take a break'). Now I feel like my body (and, more so - my mind) deserves a workout to make it feel better.

If anyone is sitting at home, chocolates in one hand and glass of Baileys in the other, having ‘the fear’ about returning to work on 4th January – I assure you that ripping off the plaster and getting stuck back in is best! 

For me: bring back the alarm clock, the emails, the meetings (in person if possible but ok, ok, I’ll even welcome back the Zoom calls if needs be) and the gym.

Don't sit back and wait for 2021 to be 'your year' - make sure it's going to be by taking action now! Even the smallest changes can make the biggest difference: write down your goals, start tracking your food if you want to lose weight, journal each morning to record the things you are grateful for. Don't wait for the 1st January - start today.

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