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Party Planning his way to Recruitment!

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We like to take on trainee recruitment consultants from a variety of backgrounds, finding that they bring with them a huge wealth of skills and knowledge, sometimes seemingly unrelated to their new role.

It soon becomes apparent, however, that their experience equips them pretty well for the fast-paced world of recruitment. Here, a valued member of our Criminal Justice Team, Sean Devlin, gives us an overview of his time in the Events Industry.

Sean comments:

 "The events industry was a very fast paced environment working very unsociable hours and messing up was not an option; except the time I slipped and accidentally spilled champagne on a bride...! This certainly prepared me for the buzz in the Service Care office and helped me with skills to tackle the urgency that is often required in the recruitment industry - when a manager rings you and asks for a position to be filled within the day you have to be able to think on your feet!

There were different sides to this industry: working until 7am at a rave in a dingy warehouse (completely sober and surrounded by people who are on, let's say, a completely different 'wavelength' to you!), working with VIP guests at awards evenings and dinner dances to working at million pound weddings.

 The people and places you get to work with at at were like no other. You know you’re at a special house warming party when the party has 250+ guests, is on a tennis court and at the entrance to the gazeebo was a 4-foot ice sculpture of the new house! Maybe the Rolls Royce and Ferrari parked at the front door was enough to say this was a pretty special place.

Working in the events / hospitality industry was something that got me in to work and paid me through university but once university was done it was time to start thinking about leaving the 7am finishes behind and look for other work. The long hours on your feet can soon take its toll and a career change was definitely in order. This is when I joined Service Care Solutions. Working between the hours of 8am and 5pm Monday to Friday was a big change but it offers a much better work-life balance. Being able to have the weekends free and spend time with family and friends is a lot better! 

After leaving such an all-consuming industry behind, I would say that my top four things about working at Service Care Solutions are:
  • The vibrancy of the office - we do work very hard but there's plenty of banter and camaraderie too which is great 
  • It's really rewarding to get the chance to grow your own market - your desk is as busy as you make it
  • The commission structure - hard work really does pay off! It was important to me to find a role I actually enjoyed as well as finding something to pay the bills. The uncapped commission structure available at Service Care Solutions is certainly something that the events industry did not offer!
  • The people I work with: even though we wind each other up sometimes, I really appreciate the team I have around me. The fact that Service Care promotes all senior staff internally means that my bosses were once in my shoes which means they know firsthand how to advise us as consultants. 

If you are looking to recruit for or work in offender support / ex prison or ex offender non-clinical roles, please email or call me on 01772 208962"

We are currently recruiting for trainee recruitment consultants here at Service Care Solutions - if you would like more information please call 01772 208956 or email the HR Team.
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