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On the 23rd March, I, like the rest of the UK population, was glued to the TV screen as the widely expected UK 'lockdown' was announced.

Following the obviously very concerning news and updates regarding our country, our health and and our sector, there was another update that particularly piqued my interest; "you may leave the house for exercise once per day". 

The next day, on my Government issued one walk of the day, I was shocked, surprised and happy to see the amount of people of all ages out walking, cycling and running.

As a gentleman, who must have been at least 65 years of age, toddled past me on his run, it gave me massive motivation to pick up the age-old hobby and my nemesis - running. I dug out my Nike Free Run trainers (which had been collecting dust at the bottom of my terribly untidy wardrobe – this is still on my ‘to do’ list by the way) and set off for a run. Naturally, I would consider myself as fit and active due to my sporting background (‘yeah, I could of made it pro at football if it wasn’t for the fact I wasn’t good enough to make the Walton-le-Dale B Team back in primary school') but road running is a different kettle of fish.

My first run was a loop of Leyland - 2.68km to be precise. To be honest, I was grateful I got through it without my other half having to come and collect me, or requiring medical assistance. Anyway, that uncomfortable, unsatisfactory first run left me thinking if running wasn't for me, I could always take up knitting or chess. 

The next day, a little bit sore and tender, I went out again. Full of optimism and the spirit of Paula Radcliffe in my mind and that I had ‘dusted off the cobwebs’ and a 10km run will be easy to complete. However, the same result, this time it was a 2.63km run, finishing up with a stitch and burning lungs.

However, I was determined to get better at running, and set myself the goal of running a 10km without having to stop. Fast-forward just over 4 weeks;

• I have run 4 x 10km in the last 5 days
• I have run over 100km in total in the month of April

I have gradually increased my goals from running 10km, to 50km in the month of April, to 100km in April; now my final goal for the month is to run 160km in total (100 miles). Currently, I am at 145km with 2 days to do and feeling confident of achieving this goal that I had never thought would be possible little over 4 weeks ago.

Most importantly, I have discovered that a shuffled playlist of Taylor Swift’s songs provides a lovely running aid – Bad Blood is an absolute banger of a song by the way.

I hope to write again to update you of my plans and targets for May but I wanted to end by saying that, the current situation can be testing, draining and unmotivating. However, try to find yourself a new hobby, or learn that skill you always wanted to do. There is no better time!

Update - As of of today, 12/05/20 I have run 160km in April and 112km in May and my target for May is to run a total of 250km. 

As well as all this running, myself and my team are still continuing to recruit into the Social Work services. If you are looking for a job or are looking for staff please get in touch with me here or on 01772 208964.
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