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£45m funding to train Social Workers - Our Thoughts

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Following on from Damian Hinds' announcement today (8th January) that a further £45m worth of funding will be offered to pay for a further 900 Children’s Social Worker training places until 2021, the industry is certain to be on a high.

The opportunity for another 900 Children’s Social Workers to be introduced into a heavily depleted arena is a very welcome sign. Those newly-trained Social Workers will be able to join authorities in need, adding not only much-needed support to the teams but to also (hopefully) continue to develop and have successful careers with them.

As recruiters on the front line, we have witnessed the shortage first-hand and it has definitely become more apparent in the last couple of years. The lack of qualified workers seems to be country-wide but we have seen the greatest scarcity in the London area.

This funding will ensure more children across the UK will have access to the support they need, ultimately giving more children the opportunity for a safe and stable home. Children are at risk across the UK and this investment will help reduce that risk and provide much needed support to the families in need. Social Workers play such a critical role for looked-after children and a wealth of communities will benefit from this.

If you are interested in finding out more about working within this sector or if you are a qualified social worker looking for work then please contact our Social Work team on 01772 208967.
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