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Twelve whole weeks of working from home! Twelve weeks!

I have become very accustomed to my new found routine of working from home now. It’s a new routine which consists of not much routine (get up, work, go back to my living room) if that makes sense?! However if only it was that simple...!

Throw in a busy role managing a Finance team, along with 2 children and all of a sudden it becomes quite stressful. I, along with hundreds of thousands of parents working and home schooling for the last three months will identify with some of the challenges I have faced. I know I’m quite fortunate in that I have a husband also working from home but the guilt and lack of time to fully invest into my children’s learning is still very much at the forefront of my mind.

I don’t believe my children mind too much however, that they may not be doing as much as Joe Blogs down the road, but it bothers me! I should state at this point that my eldest daughter is 12 and her high school have been monitoring very closely as to what work she gets through. Luckily she is naturally a conscientious person and ‘enjoys’ completing her timetable of work each day.

On the other hand, I have my son who is 8. He would very much prefer to spend 8 hour days on Fortnite which has been a blessing at times (plus I tell myself that it’s good for him socially as he gets to speak to his friends), but when it comes to school work, pinning down and threats of 'Mummy's going to go mad' seem to help! So when our MD Richard Freye announced he would pay for some online tutoring for all employees with primary school age children, I was jumping for joy. Finally for at least 1 hour a week, my son was getting some one-to-one time with a qualified teacher (and meant I didn’t have to Google the answers for a change)! The difference in focus and attention is immense – full respect to the teachers out there as there is no way I could do your job with one child, let alone a class of 30!

It has put my mind at ease that whatever happens through the next few weeks/months, he’ll will be an whizz at Equivalent Fractions! I am very grateful for the time and investment that Service Care Solutions have committed to this and demonstrates again the support that all employees, but in particular the parents, have been getting since we began working from home.

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