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Quiz - Everyday Items You Never Knew Had a Purpose

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In light of the lockdown and the importance of keeping in touch with your loved ones, many of us now look forward to a weekly quiz night (I know I certainly do). A chance to catch-up and show-off your outstanding knowledge!

I thought it would be a good idea to put together a quiz with a twist, just for fun! I want to see how many of you wonderful people know the real purpose for everyday items. Good Luck!


1. Why do the ‘F’ and ‘J’ keys on a keyboard have bumps on them?

2. Why is there a small groove in the Tic-Tac dispenser?

3. Why do your pans have a hole towards the tip of the handle?

4. Why is there a hole in the centre of a spaghetti spoon?

5. On a car dashboard, why is there an arrow on the gas gauge?

6. Why is there a tiny hole on the bottom of a padlock?

7. Why is there a hole in the cap of a ballpoint pen?

 8. Why is there a dip in the bottom of a wine bottle?

 9. On a pink and blue eraser, what is the purpose of the blue side?

 10. Why is there a hole on the tab at the top of a soft drink can?


 1. The bumps on the ‘F’ and ‘J’ keys are to make typing easier, especially if you type without looking at the keyboard. Keyboards are designed in this way to give you an indication to where your index fingers should be when typing.

2. The groove in the Tic Tac box helps you take one at a time as opposed to tipping them upside down and the full box emptying all over the floor.

3. The hole on the handle of your pans is to hold your utensil instead of leaving it swimming in your food or on a counter.

4. The hole in a spaghetti spoon has two purposes; the obvious one being to drain your pasta but the main purpose is to measure an individual portion of pasta, preventing you from making twice as much!

5. The arrow on your gas gauge is actually very helpful. Do you often forget which side of your car the gas tank is on? The arrow points to the side of car where this is located, saving you getting out and checking! 

6. The small hole on a padlock is has two purposes; if your padlock becomes rusty and tough to lock/unlock, you can add pour oil into the small hole. It also allows any liquid that may have gotten into the lock seep out.

7. The hole in the cap of a ballpoint pen is actually a safety feature. Many people put the caps of pens in their mouth, which of course is a choking hazard. The small hole in the centre of the cap prevents you from choking by allowing air to get through, meaning you are still able to breathe!

9. Rumour has it that the blue side is for erasing pen, this is not true. The blue side is to erase pencil on heavier paper; it also clears up smudges made from using the pink side/standard eraser.

10. The hole on the tab is designed to hold a straw in place, so you don’t have to drink straight from the can!

I hope you all enjoyed the quiz; maybe you will even start using some of the above in your everyday life? I will certainly be using the straw one!

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