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So this month's Employee of the Month announcement is slightly different but here at Service Care Solutions we are good at changing with the times!

February's winners were as follows:

1st Place - Lewis Jackson, Construction Division

Here is his selfie - entitled 'Day 2 in Self Isolation'

2nd Place - Michael Potts - Criminal Justice Division
(proudly showing off his new kitchen in the background - clearly a budding chef by the looks of that range)

3rd Place - Matt West - Healthcare Division
(he's a new Dad, which explains the darkened room and coffee)

Blog of the Month - Emma Leck - Mental Health Division (she's clearly got it all together - she even has her lashes and nails on point, let's see how those are doing in a few weeks shall we Emma!?)

And finally, Suggestion of the Month - Josh Holland - Social Work Division (he also has a young child hence the bucket of coffee)

As you can see - we are cracking on at home keeping the recruitment world moving - if you are looking for staff or looking for a job, please get in touch so we can help you.

Side note - I never thought I'd have a folder on my computer titled 'Isolation Selfies'!
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