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SCS Volunteer Day – The Lake District Calvert Trust

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A team of volunteers from SCS spent some time with the Calvert Trust this week and helped the maintenance team with their huge workload. The house and grounds team consists of 2 full time members of staff and a part time member of staff so volunteer days such as the one SCS partook in really help lift some of the burden of maintaining multiple sites 365 days a year.

The day started with the drive up to Keswick and an essential welcoming brew when we first arrived to set us up for the mornings work. Quickly after this we donned our waterproofs to protect us from the classic Lake District weather and we got stuck in! As the main site of the Lake District Calvert trust is set in beautiful wooded hills, there is quite a leaf and moss problem! Aidie, the Facilities Manager, said that some of the leaves we were clearing were left over from Autumn time as it’s so difficult to keep on top of, so a tidy up of all the exterior walls of the buildings made it look nice and tidy!

Once we had finished that, we went up to the Marina on Derwent Water (in Keswick) where we visited the boat which SCS has sponsored. It was great to see our logo on the sail and to know that our sponsorship would keep the boat running for another year of trips on the lake. We climbed aboard the boat but as it’s a catamaran there were a few nerves about the strength of the netting and if it would hold us all; we made a swift exit straight after the photo was taken!
We warmed ourselves up with another brew in the Marina cafe, Stuart and I shared the biggest scone you have ever seen in your life, it was more like a loaf of bread. We also shared a pizza between us which I can highly recommend!

Once we had warmed up, we traveled to the stables where we were able to meet the pony which we have sponsored called Pepsi. It is safe to say that this was most definitely the highlight of the trip for a number of our party, Rebecca in particular seemed to be a natural with all of the horses and we dubbed her the “horse whisperer” for the remainder of the day. Speaking to the stable manager, we learnt a lot about the horses characters and it was great to see how the sponsorship can make a real difference to the lives of the people who visit the Lake District Calvert Trust.

 After this we went into the comparative warmth of the barn and started to sand down a picnic table and bench which is there for the guests to relax on whilst they eat their lunch. The benches simply needed some ‘tlc’ with a bit of a light sand and then we set about painting them with some wood stain. Carly was particularly enthused about the difference we were making to the benches, but didn’t get quite as enthusiastic as Liz who decided just to paint herself rather than the bench.

After the benches were finished we moved on to a couple of flower beds which act as roundabouts in the car park (not before another visit to the stables). They needed weeding and the border stones digging out and replacing on top so that the maintenance team could lay some bark chippings to keep the weeds at bay. We were starting to flag by this point and the enthusiasm of Carly on the benches started to fade as we were out in the rain again rolling around in a load of mud! Natasha’s fear of worms meant she was strictly on shovel duties only! Nevertheless we wanted to get the job done and an hour later we had finished the task and were ready for home.

One more visit to see Pepsi and the others and we were off back down the M6 to Preston.

Everyone came away feeling a real sense of achievement and it is great to be able to provide some assistance to the Calvert Trust and see how our sponsorship money has been used. If you are interested in finding out more about the Lake District Calvert Trust please click here.

No doubt we will be heading up to Keswick again in the near future and we will be looking forward to it!
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huge thanks for your help guys! It was fab to meet you and hope you join us again soon Lynn
Lynn Healey, 03/07/17
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