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With the downed trees and branches of storm Doris still littering the streets, the quick arrival of storm Ewan straight after is very unwelcome; this is particularly true for anyone without access to shelter and warm clothing. One of our partner charities, The Foxton Centre, help people just like this in the Preston area by providing warm clothing and informing people of where they can access safe and warm accommodation for long cold nights.

It was with this is mind that the Foxton Centre approached SCS about us providing some winter clothing packs as there is a real shortage at this time of year. They told us that they receive a bumper month of donations in December, especially around Christmas, but by the time it reaches February there is a real lack of warm clothing to go around.

With this is mind SCS set about putting together some winter warmer boxes which we could donate, we spoke to the Foxton Centre about what would benefit the centre the most and came up with the following:
• Underwear
• Warm socks
• Gloves
• Hats
• Scarves

Below you can see a picture of the 48 (36 male and 12 female) boxes which we sent over.

As well as needing an influx of warm clothing, the Foxton Centre is also very short on food for their affordable ‘Community Café’ which relies upon donations to stock the cupboards. The café provides warm and nutritious meals to those who really need them and at the same time allows for people to socialise in a safe and supportive environment. SCS and it’s staff are currently raiding their cupboards (and those of their families) and adding a few extra items into their weekly shops to bring in as much food as possible for the centre. We will keep you informed via our blogs on how we have got on with this. If you feel as though you would like to make a donation, take a look at what they need in the image below.

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