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Service Care Construction - Weekly Update - Week 3

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For this week’s update, I want to concentrate on the opportunities that will be available once this all ends.

I have spoken with all of our major clients over the past 2 weeks and we all agree that now is the time to start planning for the future and the end of lockdown. As an agency, we want to ensure that we have the candidates ready to begin work as soon as possible. What this means is that we are spending are days registering new candidates nationwide in preparation of the demand that will be needed.

Our clients in the Private Sector are still awaiting guidance of when it will be safe to reopen and commence work again. I hope that we will get more information from the government this week that may shed a bit more light on how long they expect the lockdown to continue for. Our thoughts, of course, are with all those in the industry who have been adversely affected by this ongoing situation - as well as people who are sick or suffering from the virus itself.

Our clients in the Social Housing sector are currently undertaking emergency repairs only, but once they are able to, they will need additional support to work on the backlog of general repairs that will be needed. They will need support to ensure their void properties are turned around quickly to ensure that no properties remain empty, especially at this time when each house is needed so badly across the nation. Having worked in this sector for the last 14 years, my team and I understand the pressures our clients are under and we will make sure we are able to provide them with the staff they need.

If you are a qualified trades person, be that an Electrician, Plasterer, Plumber, Joiner, Painter and Decorator or any other trade, please do not hesitate to contact us on 01772 208 967 or contact us here.
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