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Service Care Solutions & The Crown Commercial Service Non-Medical Non Clinical (NHS) Framework

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The Crown Commercial Service (CCS) Non-Medical Non-Clinical (NMNC) framework covers the supply of staff to the NHS. The agreement aims to provide temporary resources and is not for recruiting permanent staff or for long term contracts. Trusts recruiting through the NMNC framework will be certain to receive the best quality workers, thanks to the rigorous pre-placement candidate compliance checks, whilst also maximising value for money.

Service Care Solutions tendered for the procurement of non-medical and non-clinical staff for NHS organisations nationwide. This framework agreement will enable NHS organisations to liaise directly with Service Care Solutions to manage the supply of temporary staff, interims and contractors.

Jonathan Church, Divisional Director at Service Care Solutions, said: “We were delighted to become successful on the CCS non-medical non-clinical framework. We have 10 years’ worth of experience of managing the supply of temporary staff to public sector organisations to give them a cost effective flexible workforce.”

Why does the NHS support the use of frameworks agreements?

Framework agreements are employed by NHS Trusts and NHS Foundation Trusts to monitor pay rates within a transparent contracted pricing mechanism but also to manage necessary compliance the NHS require for varying roles.

This offers hiring managers "peace of mind" that the agencies on their preferred supply list (PSL) are regulated by frameworks and will therefore adhere to pricing and compliance requirements. The framework agreements are also a method of the NHS avoiding the use non-compliant agencies providing staffing via non-regulated (“backdoor”) methods, potentially costing them more money and also not acquiring relevant compliance.

All suppliers who supply through a framework have an audit procedure as part of the procurement process and agencies will continue to be audited on an annual basis to ensure compliance with pre-employment checks.

What are Non-Medical Non-Clinical (NMNC) roles?

The wider NMNC healthcare team offers a unique variety of career options, all with one thing in common - they all play an integral and essential part in running the NHS and providing first rate care to patients. The wider healthcare team consists of people as diverse as medical secretary’s, management, domestic assistants and library services. Whatever your situation or strength, if you are interested in NHS roles, take a look at our NMNC Administration, Domestic and Support, and Corporate sectors at Service Care Solutions.

If you are management looking for support staff, don't hesitate to contact Carly Harrison with your requirement on 01772 208963 
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