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Service Care Solutions make a generous donation at the Red Rose Awards

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Service Care Solutions attended the Red rose Awards at Winter Gardens in Blackpool on Thursday 10th March and were very proud to have been nominated for 3 awards! One of the main sponsors of this event was Cash for Kids Charity!

Service Care take pride in making donations to many Charities and we were more than happy to make a contribution to Cash for Kids when the donation envelope was passed round the Red Rose awards evening. During the evening, SCS collectively raised £230 for the charity. SCS’ Managing Director Richard Freye generously matched this donation, which raised a total of £460 for the charity.

Cash for kids is a radio based charity which operate across 21 areas around the UK, they participate in a huge variety of fundraising events with individuals, groups, schools and companies to offer a helping hand to disadvantaged children in their own community. With money raised locally each charity guarantees that the donations made by listeners will go towards children in need of help in their community. All the money raised on behalf of Cash for Kids stays in the area it was raised in providing a helping hand when and where it is needed most! Cash for Kids raises money to disabled and disadvantaged children aged 0 to 18 years across 21 areas in the UK!

Service Care Solutions have also been donating too many different charities recently and are currently in the process of nominating charities to make future donations! Service care employees enjoy taking part in fundraising activities outside of office hours in order to raise further charity donations. Such events include charity runs (SCS are taking part in a 10k charity run in June this year!), hikes, festive donations and much more!

If you would like to participate in any fundraising events or make a donation, then click on the link below.

In addition if you have any recommendations for Charities that Service Care Solutions can donate to, please contact us.

In the meantime, look out for our upcoming blogs relating to our SCS Charity events!
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