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The last 4 months have been incredibly difficult - many people have lost loved ones and the drastic way in which our lives have changed has been too difficult to apprehend at times.

Good news has been in short supply as each day the death toll increased and uncertainty about the future increased. I know a lot of people have lost their jobs and a number of companies have had no choice but to close their doors, including some of the biggest names about.

However, as all this was happening, so were some amazing things; hundreds of thousands of people from all walks of life were volunteering their time to help and support the NHS, Captain Tom Moore raised an insane amount of money and communities all over the country came together to help and support each other. I think the main positive out of all this is that it has reminded us how important friends and family are to us, something I certainly will never take for granted again.

I firmly believe that the recovery from Covid is well underway, from my own perspective I can see more jobs being released and employers gaining confidence to get back to work and get back on track. I am one of the lucky ones who works for a company that has stood by me and my team during the most difficult times we have faced and we have worked constantly throughout lockdown to ensure we are ready to support both old and new clients in their recruitment. For those candidates who are looking for work, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Even if we don’t have a role open right now for you, we will help you with your CV and give as much advice we can to help you in your job search.
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