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This blog was written by Dale Wallace - a guest blogger who we feel has some great insights that we wanted to share:

Consistency Is Key

"How do you do it?" That's the question I got asked the other day by one of my clients. She was referring to all of the social media content, emails and podcast episodes I consistently post daily / weekly - "You turn up and do it each and every day, I don't know how you do it." 

The honest answer: it's for two reasons. First and foremost - if I don't, I will be left behind by the coaches that do post every day. I want to stand out as the person who posts regular content, someone who delivers value in my emails (that cover everything from mindset coaching and motivational tips to fitness / nutrition advice and everything in between), social media content, podcasts, blogs etc. All that stuff is FREE content, I don't get paid for any of it. When I put it out it doesn't directly generate me any income. Which begs the question further...'Why do it? Does it really make that much difference?'

I will let you into a secret: the reason I email every day is fairly simple - I want to prove to my subscribers that I am consistent at emailing you five days a week. I want to prove to my podcast listeners that I am consistent with one episode a week. I want to prove to my social media followers I am consistent at posting at least five times per week. I do this because I want to prove to those who are thinking about working with me that I turn up every time I say I will. This is my way of proving to you that I will work my hardest for you to get the results you want. Writing emails at 5am, editing podcasts and subtitles on a Saturday afternoon, thinking up and writing social content on a daily basis through notes in my phone - it's all part of the job! Most of you reading this won't be PTs, but I can 99% sure that the similar principles will apply to your role too. Consistency it key!

Who am I and What am I doing here?

My name is Dale Wallace aka 'The DoTheWork Coach'. This is the first time that Service Care Solutions has had a 'guest blogger' but when I was asked to share my thoughts on how important consistency and a drive to succeed is by Sarah Farrimond I wanted to rise to the challenge!

You may wonder how my experience and insights apply to you, but I would ask you to keep reading... the points I have to make will resonate with most, if not all of you.

Being a successful Personal Trainer requires a serious amount of consistency, tenacity and resilience. Not only to sustain and grow a business, but also to carefully look after my clients and help them through difficult times, with many of them battling with low self-esteem, motivation and discipline (at least initially). As well as this, there is the sales and marketing, admin, planning, programming and studying to do too; my point is that every job has multiple facets that we must manage and master.  Sarah has worked with me for a little while now and feels that my daily emails / general ethos contain a lot of value and messages that she thinks could potentially be useful to you all so I hope my advice will help you move further towards 'success'.

Shooting For The Stars

Many of you will have serious ambitions; whether they are to progress in your career, increase your income, improve your fitness, get that promotion or just generally become 'successful' - which is great. However, it can often seem like there are so many roadblocks on the way to this destination of ‘success' - whatever or wherever you perceive that to be. These roadblocks / challenges can often mean a lot of people just give up...

I want you to switch that mindset right away…

In the majority of cases, it's not the actual challenges that hold you back, but your perception of these challenges that will be the difference between you achieving success or failing. You should see the challenges as, not only welcome and a test of your current ability, but as something 'on the way', not 'in the way'. Without challenges, there is no growth. This recognition and realisation is absolutely required to enable you to move forward.

The way you view these challenges will directly correlate with the trajectory of your success. Therefore, a positive or a 'growth mindset' will help you overcome them and, more importantly, learn from them. These challenges are there to ‘test your metal’. I attended a seminar last year and the standout 'take away message' for me was this…

“The resistance is there to see how much you want what’s on the other side.” - Paul Mort 

The key to maintaining the drive and willingness to continue starts with the outcome or 'ultimate' goal: the position you want to be promoted to, the fitness goal you wish to achieve, the amount of money you strive to earn etc., but that alone is not enough to guide and drive you through the entire journey.

You must set yourself up with small and achievable daily, weekly and monthly goals that are derived from your 'ultimate' goal; things that you can achieve on a short term basis to mark them off your list. That way, you feel successful on the way and you aren’t just focused on how far away from that final promotion, pay rise or weight loss target you are.

When I am coaching a client, the most important goal to focus on isn’t that they need to lose two stone, it's that they need to lose the next one pound. If their ultimate goal is to deadlift 100kg, the short term goal is simply to lift slightly heavier than the week before in a long-term pursuit of the 100kg (even if this is just one kilo more than the previous week).

If improving your capability in a career is one of your goals, you must consider what that looks like - for example, do you have KPIs that can be put in place (if they aren't already), can you be set targets, can you undertake any training that will provide you with more skills to do your job more effectively? Look at how these things improve over time so you have a tangible way of gauging your success.

We can get lost in the rat race of life pursuing an outcome that a) seems very far away b) isn't an actual 'goal' (how do you know if you've reached 'success' if you haven't decided what this 'success' looks like in a tangible way?) when really we need to focus on the present, put our attention on what we can do today to improve from yesterday. Once you do that consistently it compounds over time, as do your results and, off the back of that, you get motivation to keep going. 

My advice to you is simple…

1. Set that 'ultimate' goal and make sure you read it every single day. Put pen to paper and write it down. Stick it up on your wardrobe, your fridge, anywhere you will see it daily.

2. Make sure you break that goal down into smaller chunks that you can tick off each day / week / month: ask yourself, 'What are the things that I must do consistently that lead me to the long-term goal?' 

3. Live and breathe a 'growth mindset' and take every challenge with absolute positivity, don’t just climb over the roadblock, leap over it with certainty that you are on your way to a better life.

4. In my opinion, this one is incredibly important  - true happiness will be found on the journey, not necessarily at the destination:  when you can tick off those daily goals every day you will feel like you are already a success and that will drive you to continue to grow.

5. You must be willing and prepared to 'Do The Work' (the fact that I called my coaching / PT business 'DoTheWork' and myself the 'DoTheWork Coach' illustrates the importance I put on this point). Without the willingness to do what it takes, to work harder than the next person, to stand out from the crowd, not only will you never get there, but you will always know that you could have done more.

If you enjoyed this blog and found it useful you can find me on Instagram, Facebook or you can subscribe to my daily emails here. I also host a podcast of which you can find on all major podcast platforms by searching for 'The DoTheWork Podcast Dale Wallace' or by clicking here.

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