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Stressbusting with Lancashire Mind!

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Lancashire Mind is one of our nominated charities, working in partnership with our Corporate Social Responsibility team.

Their vision is to provide Mental Wellbeing to all and stop misconceptions about mental health, develop resilience in people from an early age and work with communities to build a happier Lancashire.

On Tuesday 11th June, Lancashire Mind came to the office to conduct an optional Stressbuster Session. This session focussed on short-term ‘in the moment’ stress, which we can all experience from time to time in the workplace!


Around 15 of us from across the company attended the session which took place in our breakout room, but we weren’t playing pool or table tennis on this occasion. We started with a number of games which induce signs and reactions of short-term stress. These included childhood favourites such as bop-it, jenga, and don’t buzz the wire. Games none of us realised as children could be incredibly stressful! Our heart rates increased, our voices grew louder and my hands were definitely shaking as we attempted each of these games.

We reflected on the effects short-term, ‘in the moment’ stress had upon our minds, bodies and reactions. Our Lancashire Mind session leader advised that a small amount of stress can be good for us but more frequent or intense stress can have adverse effects on our mental health and wellbeing. We learned the following steps to try and combat stress particularly in the moment and in the workplace.

Top Tips For Combatting Stress:
 • Look for five squares around the room, these could be windows, cupboards or ceiling tiles but you have to persevere until you find five.
• Touch four different items or surfaces in your immediate vicinity.
• Listen to three different things you can hear around you.
• Smell two things around you – a favourite perfume or even keep a small bottle of lavender oil in your desk draw.
 • Taste one thing around you know you like! Maybe take a break and have a coffee and a biscuit to give yourself a minute.

We also looked at breathing techniques that you can do at your desk. The main rule for these is to make your exhale longer than your inhale, roughly in for six out for eight. Taking the time to control and elongate your breathing during a stressful time can really help calm your body down. This counting will also make sure you are slowing your breathing down and also help to take your mind off the stressful situation you’re facing, so you can tackle things with a clearer head.

Stress or mental health can often be a taboo subject, particularly in the workplace This sessions was very useful as we not only learned hints and tips for recognising and combatting signs of stress, but it also opened up further discussion about mental health and wellbeing. Perception about mental wellbeing is changing, however this can often still be very difficult to discuss. Knowing you’re are not alone in facing stress and supported by the workplace can make a real difference. So, all in all a very successful Stressbuster session!
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