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The Balance Between 'The Pursuit of Happiness' and being 'A Family Man' in Recruitment

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The blog that tells you both sides to the life of a Recruitment Consultant. One being the benefits and rewards, the other being the reality of making sacrifices to get where to where you want to be.


 Let’s start off with the title which tells you it all, one of my favourite films: The Pursuit of Happiness. Although it differs some from my own life timeline, it has many similarities. Then we have A Family Man - another great film which if you’re a parent and in this job you’ll definitely be able to see yourself in Gerard Butler’s character, Dane Jensen.

Starting off, everybody reads about the highs of the recruitment industry, the salaries in all the job specs that makes promises of up to £100,000 OTE etc…it catches everyone’s eye. Well, what they don’t tell you is the sacrifices you sometimes have to make to get anywhere near that. The thousands and thousands of cold calls, the endless hours of taking and making calls at 2am. The missing out on little life events because you’re so caught up in your work. But you do it because, if you’re right for recruitment and you have such high objectives you want to overcome, it all seems worth it.

I started off similar to Will Smith, a 'nothing' man with just a dream of being comfortable, living in a 'nothing' house with not much to go with it, and with a partner who, like me, lived off payslip to payslip every month to get by. So I interviewed here, in the recruitment industry, the 'big bright lights of recruitment', turning up to an interview via train because I didn’t have a car, standing outside the building looking at all the flashy cars, thinking wow, Porsches, BMWs, Jaguars, even a blooming Quad Bike for crying out loud! Thinking, 'this could be me', recruitment pulled me in at that very moment.

I interviewed similarly to that of The Pursuit of Happiness, just a genuine person who didn’t just want, but desperately needed, the job. I talked about everything under the sun, I showed the desire for wanting to achieve and guess what? I got the job. Someone obviously saw that I had the will to work and would work to make it.

Next up was the start; the first 6 months was not what I expected, I didn't make much in commission and in my head I thought they were thinking why the hell did we hire this guy? He’s doing nothing but costing us money, taking up a seat that someone could be thriving in. Little did I know, I had made that first stride into success, all the hours of calling, in and out of work, weekends, nights that everything was starting to click together. I continued and continued to work and work and everything started moving forward. Finally I was starting to believe the dream that the first job spec gave me, I started moving up that lifestyle ladder, I bought my car, I was the first in my family to ever buy a home. Then bam, the best news of my life. We were having a baby!

Here comes 'A Family Man' time. If you’ve watched it, you already know Gerard Butler is just a man fixated on his work, everything else was just a by-product of his success, little knowing he was missing out on the memories being made by family and friends. I was in a similar position: we were in the hospital, our son was being born and there I was taking numerous phone calls for work purposes, talking to the staff at the hospital asking if they would consider joining me on my recruitment train. My partner was fuming, but I was always stuck in work mode. It continued and continued until luckily I just realised that sometimes the most important thing to do is step back, and knowing when the right times are to step back from work. Most important of all, using this time to be with my family and friends.

It was the best decision I made because the relationships at home are forever and you are someone’s HERO, not because of what you have or what you can give, but who you are to them. I know I’ve prattled on for a while now but whilst you may or not be in this line of work, I know for sure that every job has its limits. You need to make sure you find yours, take time away from it and please, please, please spend as much time as possible with those that matter most. 

If I have whetted your appetite and you are now wondering what it's like to work in recruitment, please check out our careers page here. Alternatively, if you don't think recruitment is for you, we have plenty of vacancies nationwide in a variety of sectors that will give you the flexibility you need to be 'A Family Man' - have a look here.
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