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The Never-Ending Exit that is Brexit

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It has been two and a half years since my previous blog which was issued on the eve of the referendum and contained a poem surrounding the subject of Brexit. Never would I have thought that I would be here, considering the situation, only to conclude that our nation has not advanced much further since that day in 2016. We are now perhaps very much “stuck in the mud” with a Government that is in a state of complete disarray. The years of media surrounding the issue in the build-up and then the aftermath that has overshadowed life in the UK ever since is far from over. Unwilling to subject any readers to this piece to further annoyance, I’ll attempt to script the recent events within a piece of light-hearted poetry once again…

Brexit, Brexit, a never-ending exit nightmare
The British public have been left distressed in despair
“How will pensions, savings and mortgages be affected”
Releasing us from the shackles held by those bureaucrats unelected 
And what kind would it be, a Brexit that is soft or hard
This torment must stop, the nation’s hearts have been charred 
And in our Parliament another wasted day at Westminster
Our beloved country, soon to be a lonely old spinster
With our PM pleading for cross-party talks
Surrounded by her enemies, the vultures continue to stalk
Corbyns “ditch no deal and then we will speak”
Motion of no confidence, Teresa’s future is bleak
Her position in the house, 325 to 306
With Sturgeon and the SNP thrown into the mix
Seeking a new timetable for Scottish Independence within days
Pondering the DUP, do not know which way to sway
Sinn Fein determined for no more Irish hurt
With the border issue threatening to throw up old dirt
And where are the Lib Dems in all of this?
Cleggs political exile, into the abyss
And with cabinet resignations taking their toll 
This Brexit deadlock is destroying our souls
Whilst divided through the poisonous media we have eaten 
We are the UK, we will never be beaten…
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