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The Service Care ‘Brave 9’ run the Preston 10KM for Charity

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On Sunday 24th September 2017, 9 Service Care Solutions members of staff (henceforth known as the Brave 9) ventured out to Preston City Centre to take part in the Run Preston 10KM race.

The team was made up of Consultants, Team Leaders and Divisional managers from teams including Social Work, Construction and Probation, which came with various running experience and capabilities.

The race got off with somewhat of an anti-climax with everyone dashing for the first 10 metres only to be bottlenecked through the starting line station. Once everyone had squeezed through, we were away, only 10KM of hard concrete, wet mud and hills ahead of us.

The first kilometre soon passed, then the second, then the third and then… BANG, I had hit the wall. Suddenly my legs went from a young springbok to a retired Harlequins front-row; the promised land of the water station at 5KM seemed a very long way away. Panicking, I had been giving everyone in the office tips on how to negate the race and now I was in trouble, not listening to the advice I had been preaching about all week.

Then, out of nowhere I’d gotten my second wind, at this point a part of me was hoping they came on a buy one get one free as I had gotten the feeling I’d be needing my third wind at some point in the near future. On and away I went, bounding down the Avenham Park concrete and then, the moment I had been waiting for. A couple of hundred yards away, I would see a glistening, almost blinding light... you know, like that moment in Lord of the Rings when Gandalf returns as Gandalf the White. Could it be? Had I reached the holy grail of the water station?

At last, a gulp of water and the halfway mark in the race. I suddenly felt comfortable, legs no longer aching, breathing back steady and with a new air of confidence to push on and finish as quickly as possible. I got my head down, swung round a tight corner in the path to be met with a hill the size of Everest. The group of 20 or 30 runners I was with came together, encouraging each other up the hill. One-by-one, runner-by- runner we made it up to the summit.

From Everest we was calmed by an experienced runner who explained the circuit was flat for the last 3-4KM and we could now put our foot on the gas and attempt to achieve the best time possible. Running through the town centre to rapturous applause from all angles and crossing the finish line was something I’d never experienced before. Joy, Relief, Pain, Excitement – everything in one!

It really was an excellent effort from all involved and congrats to Paul Alexander who ran in the winner of the Brave 9. We had a group of runners of varying abilities and I honestly believe that the fact was everyone finished it without major injury was an excellent achievement.

On behalf of every one of the Brave 9, we would like to thank all those that donated and sponsored our efforts to raise money and awareness for our chosen charities. Together we raised over £500 for those charities (listed below). After all, it was 9 people giving up a couple of hours on their Sunday morning and we managed to raise a healthy amount of money, anyone can do it!

If you are interested in donating, sponsoring or raising money for our charities, please do get in touch!

The Space Centre
The Foxton Centre
Derian House
St. Catherine’s Hospice
Calvert Trust

The Brave 9 (Left to Right) –

Top - Nosheen Hussain – Social Work, Delanie Heyes -Social Work, Stewart Simpson – Constructions, Alex Glover – Social Work, Paul Alexander & Lewis Jackson – Construction
Bottom – Tasleema Kola – Probation, Mary Colapinto – Construction, Josh Holland – Social Work
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