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There seems to have been some confusion on the new website as to where to upload your timesheets, apologies if this has caused any significant issue. 

The timesheet portal is the clock symbol in the top right hand corner of the page and not the login symbol to the right of it. Once you have clicked on the clock then you will be able to use your existing login details to input your timesheet as you did before.

If you have any questions regarding this then please contact your consultant.

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I am using the username and password supplied to me but cannot get through the bit that requires me to proof iam not a robot..they get easier each time i fail, but i still can't get through them...
Colin Paton, 03/01/17
Colin - Thanks for your comment. I think Natasha has emailed you with your log in details so that you receive this securely. If you have any issue please let us know though. You are welcome to call meg in our finance team on 01772 208965 or Natasha on 01772 208968. Kind Regards Richard
Richard Freye, 04/01/17
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