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Top 12 Songs for Recruitment Consultants - A Christmas Countdown

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Christmas is often associated with the classic seasonal tunes, but since recruitment is an all year round challenge, a playlist for a consultant at this time of the year is likely to be the same as it is throughout the year.

This Christmas countdown is therefore not specifically a list of Christmas songs but a list of songs that with lyrics and themes likely to strike a chord with recruitment consultants and touch their very soul.

12. Stay Another Day – East 17
Every recruitment consultant knows the feeling when a contractor’s time in a placement seems to have come to an early end or they make a rash decision about leaving without thinking it through.

11. Take on Me – A-Ha
When that candidate knows they aren’t perfect for the particular role you’ve advertised but just really wants to come work through us. This is the song they play outside of our office.

10. Irreplaceable - Beyonce
To the left. To the Left. Ever had an over confident candidate who is very aware of how good their CV looks and makes the client wait unnecessarily, taking for granted the opportunity...?

9. Eye of the Tiger – Survivor
When you’re killing it and are placing so many candidates with clients that love them that your month feels like it deserves a heroic montage.

8. No Excuses - Alice In Chains
When a candidate doesn’t want to start a job or go to an interview, we’d rather they just give it to us straight as we have a lot of respect for people who take ownership of their own actions. It’s an admirable quality.

7. 9-5 – Dolly Parton
When you land your candidate the perfect working hours they’ve been looking for and you’re processing a 37.5 hour timesheet week in, week out.

6. Hello – Lionel Ritchie
When a client messages you on LinkedIn and asks if you cover a certain type of staff that you know you cover very well.

5. I Wish it Could be Christmas Everyday – Wizzard
When your candidates all want to be booked into Christmas shifts because of uplifted pay rates, leaving you with some very happy clients.

4. On My Mind – Disciples
When a very promising candidate that was very responsive and likely to land a role suddenly gives you complete radio silence without warning. Why? What did I do wrong?

3. I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking for – U2
Sometimes the right candidate can be as elusive as the real figure for Bono’s taxable income (ALLEGEDLY), and so the search continues.

2. I Get Knocked Down – Chumbawumba
But I get up again. Resilience a key trait you’ll find in every good recruiter.

1. Never Gonna Give you up – Rick Astley
This is how every consultant feels about most of their candidates and contractors. We just don’t want to say goodbye to any of them and we'll do whatever we can to keep them happy. And I wanted to Rick Roll you one more time in 2019.
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