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Sitting down to do your CV can be a daunting task and sometimes it's difficult to know where to start. Recruitment Consultant and CV expert, Mark White, gives us his top tips on how to write a good CV:

1. Short and Sweet

A CV should be easy to look at and read. This means you shouldn’t need any more than two pages. Make sure the content is clear, concise, to the point and leaves out the irrelevant information.

2. Tailored to the job you’re applying for

Your CV should highlight the experience you have which is relevant to the position you’ve applied for. Using the keywords from the advert in the type of candidate they’re looking for is a good way to come across as the right person for the job.

3. Presentation is key

Make sure your CV isn’t cluttered, is easy to read and in a sensible font. Your prospective employer shouldn’t have to search to find why you’re the right candidate, it should jump out at them.

4. Devil in the detail

Check, check and check it again. Make sure you correct all spelling mistakes and all your employment history, experience and qualifications is up to date and accurate.

5. Confidence

Your personality comes across in your CV. Make sure you use confident and positive language. This is after all your first impression.

6. Talk yourself up

Include awards, certificates and things you’re proud of. Showing you’re passionate about your role can be a big selling point. Your hobbies can also attract an employer when you sound like you’d fit right in with the team.

7. Keywords

Use words that employers will search for online when looking for the right hire. This will help your CV more prominent when companies search.

8. Use a Recruitment Consultancy 

A good company, such as Service Care Solutions, will be happy to listen to your work experience over the phone and draft a good CV for you.

If you are looking for a role within Criminal Justice, please contact Mark or, should you be looking within Probation, Social Work, Healthcare, Mental Health, Construction or Social Housing or Legal, please call 01772 555530.

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