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Training to Teach - It's Not What You Think!

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Here at Service Care Solutions we like to make sure our consultants are on top of their game and have regular up-to-the-minute training. BUT, in case you are thinking this is a blog about our training, which - let's face it - is a little bit dull, read on to find out what this is really about...

One resource we use for training is Recruitment Juice. It is a training tool with a difference though; our consultants can give something back to those less fortunate as they train.

Confused? Let Recruitment Juice explain: "We’ve always put people at the centre of everything we do. This is why we launched the Juice Reward Centre – a place where your completed courses become ‘coins’ that go towards real-life rewards. Teaming up with a charity called United World Schools on a project called Teach the Unreached, every 200 coins becomes a day of school for a child in Cambodia."

 As our consultants learn, points/coins are allocated to them. These points/coins can then be used as donations. Donations go towards the following:

200 coins will send a child in Cambodia to school for 1 day
400 coins 2 days
600 coins 3 days and so on...

Since the end of November alone, Service Care Solutions employees have completed enough training to provide 53 days of school to the children of Cambodia!

Paul Magee, one of our consultants, comments, "I started using Recruitment Juice on 26th Nov 2018 (shortly after I joined Service Care Solutions) and by doing their online training around my general day-to-day work I have accumulated enough 'coins'  to send a child to school for 15 days. I think it is pretty amazing that, as well as expanding my own knowledge and career, I am able to pay something so valuable back to those in need."

You can find out more about this initiative here  

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