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Twenty Years' Service Between Them!

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One thing we are extremely passionate about at Service Care Solutions is nurturing our staff and promoting from within. Two prime examples of this are Heads of Division Stuart Quinn and Craig Dootson who recently celebrated their tenth anniversary with the company, after starting with the business an hour apart on the same day in 2009!

Director of Service Care Solutions, Chris Musgrove, comments, "A decade is a long time to spend in any job, but it when it equates to a little under a third of my life, it really puts it in to perspective. I was fortunate enough to be there when Craig Dootson and Stuart Quinn walked into Marshall House (our original building) a little over 10 years ago on 29th June. Little did I know they would both go on to become pillars of the business. They have contributed enormously to the success of SCS and have helped shape the future of the business for the years to come. I, personally, am eternally grateful for everything they have done and for the support they have provided me over the last 10 years. We wouldn’t be where we are without them. Thank you!"

To mark this milestone, those hitting 10 years' service are awarded £1000 towards a gift of their choice and are thrown a party (at their choice of venue) to celebrate.

Stuart Quinn - Head of the Probation Division

Stuart started his career at Service Care as a recruitment consultant concentrating on the Youth Offending sector. It soon became apparent that Probation was a fast growing service and Stuart forged his path in this area, eventually heading up a team of around nine consultants.Throughout his time here Stuart has put his own stamp on how things are done with a keen focus on customer service. Making the most of his Legal degree, his eye for detail has certainly proved valuable for changes to contracts and tenders. Stuart has been huge asset to Service Care Solutions over the years having been involved in not only training his team to a high standard, but also helping to develop others throughout the company. Stuart is currently restoring a Land Rover Defender, which has been a dream of his since his was a young lad. Stuart has even written several blogs for the Service Care website which have monitored his progress along the way - although the project isn't quite finished, you can see his last instalment here.

Stuart's colleague Andy Quinney says, "I started at Service Care Solutions six years ago, and was hired by Stuart to join his team. I had come from working in the film industry and had no proper sales or recruitment experience, but nearing the birth of my first daughter I needed a job that was stable, had career progression and offered the possibility of earning good money. Stuart saw something in me that meant he wanted me on his team and I will always be grateful to him for taking a punt on me. Since working for Stuart he has taught me all I know to work in this industry which has led to my success here at Service Care. Stuart has always been someone who I can approach with issues about work or on a personal level, and he has always helped, which isn’t always something you find in a manager or a person in general.

Stuart will shortly be moving on to pastures new; although we will be very sad to see a piece of the furniture go, we wish him well in all of his future endeavours and travels! 

Craig Dootson - Head of the Healthcare Division

Whilst Craig is the head of Healthcare, the fact that he is my line manager shows his diversity and ability to turn his hand to pretty much anything. Before I joined the company as Senior Marketing Exec last year, Craig not only managed his large team of consultants, but also took care of all things 'marketing'. As well as this, Craig is a crucial part of other areas of the business, such as devising and implementing training and development initiatives and spearheading the 'climate positive' aspect of Service Care Solutions.

I would like to thank Craig for his support to me personally and, on behalf of the company, give him a big pat on the back for his willingness to always get stuck in and do things to the best of his ability, whilst (almost) always having a smile on his face.

Here are a few words from the man himself:

"A decade of Service Care!

In June 2009 a university graduate with a degree in Sports and Leisure Management from Loughborough University hit the jobs market keen to find a job….as it turned out there - weren’t any!

I left University at the worst time in modern history for the jobs market; the bottom had just fallen out of the banking industry and everyone was being propped up by government bail outs. The economy was in meltdown and in the grip of the biggest recession since the 80’s with spiraling unemployment (if you think I am exaggerating take a look at this). Very few companies were hiring and those that were required a very different qualification to the one I had.

In the midst of this I started to look for sales jobs, I knew a bit about sales having worked for a friend's dad in his TV shop and sales was one of the few industries that were still recruiting…it tends to be pretty resilient even in times of recession. After a lot of searching in the big cities, I found a company in my very own little city of Preston who were recruiting for staff. I was told that “they are very picky” and they have interviewed “40 people for this position”, so my hopes of landing it were understandably slim. After a telephone interview and 2 intense face to face interviews I had a job – what a relief! The last thing on my mind was, I wonder if I will still be here in 10 years?!

When I started at SCS, there were 11 people working here. We worked in a large office with only a few people to fill it…this company had expansion plans. As a 21 year old it’s easy to lose sight of “the future” and the opportunities which a business presents to you; I look back now and feel very lucky to have gotten into a company which I could, literally, grow up with. I have developed here as a person and as a professional and I thank my lucky stars for the people I have had the fortune to work with. The company has given me a lot and I like to think that it would have the same to say about me! There have been bumps in the road (some felt like mountains actually, not just bumps), but isn’t there in every job? In these times I have always tried to keep a pragmatic and level headed approach to things, its too easy to lose perspective of the benefits something gives you and only focus on the negatives. Nothing worth having is easy and I think that nicely sums up why I have been here 10 years, sometimes you have to battle through. Although a milestone, 10 years is but a number and my job here isn’t done …there is still so much to be done and to be achieved…so….here’s to the next 10 years. I’ll let you know how I get on!"

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