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What Will You Take From Lockdown?

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Well I am sure none of us will ever forget the year of 2020, when the whole world went into lockdown. I hope the person enjoyed the bat soup which triggered the whole Corona Virus (allegedy), from what already feels like a year alone and that was just the month of March.

When the world just completely came to a standstill, from our normal lives coming to a halt and entering the uncertainty of the unknown. As lockdown restrictions now start to gradually ease more and more, as we attempt to resume back to normality. When will normal life resume? What will be normal life? IS the normal we once knew now just a distant memory?

Lockdown has been a challenge for every single individual, testing relationships, parents with children, key workers, and people being without jobs, dealing with mental health and adapting what we knew as the norm. What will you take from it

Lockdown Lessons:

Be and live in the moment...

For what we once took for granted being able to go to festivals, concerts, events, even down to night outs. The next time you go try to live the experience through your own eyes not your phone screen. If you look back to concerts, events you may have been to or been sent from a friend, the amount of people with phones held up, Facebook living, snap chatting, recording videos. Which I am sure a lot of us are also guilty of, how many times do you now actually watch those videos back? The next time you go to an events or concert embrace and soak up the atmosphere, watch it through your own eyes and let your memory be the phone recording. 

The world needed to slow down...

If lockdown has taught us anything, it was to live in the present moment. live fully for now don’t waste or wish time away by thinking or worrying about what happened in the past, it can’t be changed, only lessons learnt from it. Do not fear about things what will or may happen in the future and do not wish time away. Time is a very precious thing when looking into the future none of us saw lockdown and Corona happening which shows you never know what is around the corner. Enjoy what is happening now, embrace now and live for today.

Time is never promised, Cherish those close to you...

How many times have you been to restaurants, bars and seen Couples or friends go for meals/ drinks and you just see them sat across from each other on their mobile phones? People take quality time and company for granted, Now a days technology has become a major factor and part of our lives, but don’t let it replace human interaction or take away that quality time. Since lockdown, we have all been interacting with friends, family via FaceTime/ Zoom and I’m sure we can all agree it is not the same as that face to face in person interaction. Cherish the time with loved ones and the people that are important to you in life.

Be happy in your own skin...

How many people are far too quick to judge ourselves and put ourselves down? How many people won’t leave the house if they do not have make up on, will not go out unless they can get lash extensions or a curly blow? Corona and lockdown has taught us actually we do not need any of these enhancers, if you went to the supermarket tomorrow and saw someone dressed up, with a full face of make up in this current situation, people will think that it’s strange. Of course don’t care what people think, but lockdown has given our bodies a break, time for them to breathe which has been long overdue, time for hair, natural lashes, nails to grow and for us to adjust back to our natural selves and hopefully taught us that we can be happy in our skin.

Life may eventually resume as to what we once knew and return to normal, but do not go back to old habits and old ways. That hug to a family member, a friend you have not seen for a while, quality time and actual human interaction. Don’t revert back to taking these things for granted, Lockdown has shown us what really matters and who’s important to us, appreciate everything and every moment.

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