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As everyone knows, and is probably sick of being reminded of, the last six months have seen “unprecedented times” with historic annual events such as the Olympics, Wimbledon and Glastonbury (alongside thousands of other events across the world) all cancelled due to the Coronavirus Pandemic. However, there is one staple of British autumn time television that has proved too important to be cancelled - The Great British Bake Off. Its return really could not have come at a better time!

Last week saw the return of the Great British Bake Off which, to my relief, was a refreshing dose of normality amongst the ever changing regulations and sombre daily totals which can seem impossible to escape from. The Great British Bake off has always provided a form of escapism for an hour where the only things that matter is whether the Soufflé is going to rise or if the pastry will have a soggy bottom. Happily, this year is proving to be no different as the entirety of the cast and crew formed a bubble for the whole of the production which meant no social distancing measures or alterations had to be made to the programme.

In the first episode alone we saw the sabotage of Pineapple Upside Down cakes during the technical challenge when one contestant tried to swat a fly out of the way and inadvertently elbowed a fellow contestant’s tray of cakes causing them to fall to the floor in the most dramatic moment since 2014’s #BinGate

In a normal episode that would be more than enough entertainment to make it memorable but there was more to come! The highlight of the episode has to be the Show Stopper challenge where the contestants were tasked with paying tribute to their famous heroes by recreating them in cake form. To say that this was carried out with varied degrees of success would be an understatement. Some particular highlights include:

• Laura’s Freddie Mercury tribute who looks more like the man on the Pringles’ Tubes than anything else

• Hermine’s Lupita Nyong’o cake which looks like she will come for you in your nightmares

• Marc’s David Bowie cake which you can almost imagine as being him…if he was a half melted waxwork

When you look at the premise of the programme, the Great British Bake should never have become as successful as it has but it provides the perfect balance of amazing bakes, entertainment and drama to keep viewers hooked. More than ever, I think it will grow in popularity this year as it provides that sense of heart-warming comfort amongst all the uncertainty going on around us.

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