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The Space Centre Fundraising Project

Service Care Solutions have kicked off their 2017 charity fundraising with a bang this year and have committed to raising the £5000 needed for The Space Centre in Preston to buy their new illuminated ball pool.

We approached The Space Centre to find out what we could do to make the biggest difference to the people who use their services and this was at the top of the list. The Space Centre already has a similar ball pool in their newest room "Space 2" so they know the value which they can add. Community Fundraising Manager, Jackie, said "The ball pools are essential at Space as they offer a safe, supportive surrounding, where our clients, along with parents and siblings, can enjoy some time together and cuddle up without the restraints of a wheelchair."

The addition of the "light installation to the Ball pool in Space One will bring it up to the superb standards of Space Two. We offer light switches to those with severe special needs, so with just a slight movement they can actually take full control and change the colours around them." At the bottom of the page are some photographs of the ball pool in Space Two in action, to find out more about the work which The Space Centre do and the facilities they have please visit their website by clicking here

We have made a fantastic start with our fundraising, already reaching the £3390 mark with a donation from SCS, a charity football match held between the Mental Health and Criminal Justice recruitment teams (team Mental Health coming out narrow and surprise victors against the vastly more experienced CJ team) and a raffle of annual leave days combining to make our grand total so far.

With £1610 left to go we still have a challenge on our hands but we are confident that we will be able to meet our target...the sooner the better. If you would like to keep a track of our fundraising events, please take a look at our blog page which will be updated with info and photograph's, alternatively keep an eye on this page for any updates.