Following the fire which destroyed Grenfell Tower in June 2017 and changed the lives of its residents lucky enough to survive, the Government allocated millions of pounds to help landlords across the United Kingdom identify and rectify similar fire safety issues found at Grenfell.

Part of the funding was designated to renovating social housing stock. Our client required a Building & Fire Safety team and Service Care Solutions (SCS) were entrusted with helping to build this team through providing a market leading recruitment service. SCS worked closely alongside the Head of Compliance in relation to providing the operational and support staff required.

With the various legislation changes incorporated following Grenfell, the Head of Compliance advised SCS that he would be looking to employ a number of Fire Risk Assessment Coordinators, Fire Risk Assessors and Asbestos/Compliance managers into the team. SCS deployed our specialist recruitment consultants within our Technical & Professional arm of the Construction Division, they organised virtual meetings with the Head of Compliance to understand each requirement, the main objective was to deal with a backlog of repairs and fire risk works that needed to be undertaken to achieve compliance on their commercial and residential buildings, and the calibre of candidate the client was looking for.

After an extremely successful recruitment process for the Head of Compliance, SCS had placed eleven candidates within the organisation:

  • Seven Fire Risk Assessment Co-ordinators

  • Two Fire Risk Assessors

  • One Asbestos Advisor

  • One Compliance Manager

Three of these candidates were subsequently taken on permanently to work on other projects once the backlog was completed and the Asbestos Advisor is still in contract today. Due to SCS excellent work on this specific project, the Head of Compliance SCS continue to work with the council to date across a wide range of positions throughout various departments within the council building a long term relationship.