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Six reasons to join Service Care as a registered Mental Health Nurse

  • Publish Date: Posted over 5 years ago
  • Author:by Steph Goupil

Here at Service Care Solutions, we regularly assess the benefits of the roles for our candidates to ensure we are giving them the best possible opportunities. Here are just six of the reasons you should consider a career as a Registered Mental Health Nurse with us:


It’s no secret, agency Registered Mental Nurse's (RMNs) get paid a higher hourly rate than those working permanently. Mental health nurses are in demand, and therefore trusts are willing to pay for their services. There’s no doubt that working as an RMN is a vocation, but there’s nothing wrong with wanting a bit more money in your pocket at the end of the week (that's right, we also pay weekly so you don't need to struggle at the end of every month!).


You pick your shifts. Whether you’ve got a hectic life and just want to pick up the extra shift, or you want full-time work but on the days you want. Working for Service Care allows you to fit around what’s important to you. This can also work really well for parents who are looking for something that fits in around the kids. Whatever the commitment, we can tailor your shifts to suit you.


Working for us offers you the chance to work with patients and in settings that you may never have experienced before, without the pressure of having to go back if you don’t want to. We work with all the major mental health care providers in the country, meaning we will have work available around the clock in several services in your area. Not only does the ability of being able to work in all of them broaden your professional experience, it gives your work a bit more variety and keeps each day exciting.

Single point of contact

From the moment you join the agency, you’ll have a single point of contact. You won’t be passed around different departments, or from one person to another. Your consultant will know everything about your placement and working circumstances. They'll be your port of call every step of the way. Dozens of our candidates have worked through us for years and have built strong relationships with their consultants. Some, considering them friends.

Specialists in the market

We have two large teams which both operate within the mental health market. Our other being the Criminal Justice department, we recruit specifically for RMNs to work within Prisons, Substance Misuse and Forensics, ensuring each candidate has the right training and experience for the role. This means that no matter what role you’re applying for, you can be sure that your consultant knows everything about not only his service, but the training, mind-set, knowledge and experience needed to be a successful applicant.

Welcome Bonus and Benefits

We are currently running a bonus scheme where new nurses receive £150 once they start working for us - how great is that? Not only this, but you will get free mandatory training, a free DBS check, free occupational health inoculations/compliance checks, and even a free uniform! So, what's stopping you from picking up the phone?

We have shifts available for RMNs nationwide, take a look at them here.

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