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The London Marathon - 3 Days to Go!

  • Publish Date: Posted about 5 years ago
  • Author:by Lucy Jolley

So I have, this morning, just completed my final training run on what has been a very long and hard 4+ months.

Over 320 miles ran through ice, snow, wind, rain and sunshine all to build up for this Sunday 28th April. Many people have said that Marathon day itself is my victory lap, having done all the hard work by now – I think I have to agree with them!

I am fully preparing myself to ‘hit the wall’ around mile 20. No matter how much I tell myself how well I’ve trained and been committed to a healthy diet Mo Farah would be proud of, I know I’m not ‘designed’ for long distance and have literally been training my body and mind to cope. Current emotions are extremely mixed and those closest to me will vouch for the fact that I’m a little on edge!! An example being that I cried for an hour when I got a blister 2 weeks ago – normal behaviour apparently or ‘Maranoia’ is the expression in the running world!

I am extremely excited, yet anxious, so staying calm is my aim for the next few days as well as remaining illness and injury free! I feel extremely humbled that so many of my friends and family both near and far have sponsored me, all in aid of Hospice UK.

I’m nearing my fundraising target of £2000 thanks to these donations and the amazing support I am getting from both work and at home so thank you to all those people! Many hospices rely on funds raised through Hospice UK as very little is Government funded and myself and 200 other Hospice UK runners taking to the street of London on Sunday is just an example of what crazy antics people do to raise money! So now I am look forward to getting to the starting line and running my final lap, and after 4.5 hours of running, I know a nice cold beer awaits me! 

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