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Why you should become a social worker

  • Publish Date: Posted over 1 year ago

Social work is a helping profession that lifts vulnerable and oppressed people and communities. The role is designed to promote social change, empowerment, and well-being by meeting the basic needs of all individuals. Social workers often find themselves in problem-solving situations, trying to explore the best solutions for the cases they’re given. 

The truth is, communities need social workers. The diligence and determination of these individuals are what communities depend on to ensure the most in-need people are provided for. 

There are currently 294 higher education courses offering social work training in England, making it easy to obtain the required qualifications. But while the skills are obtainable, the job yields so much more. Here’s why you should consider becoming a social worker: 

Make a positive impact

The social care profession is ideal for those who want to apply or gain transferable skills to help them build a career. These skills include communication, problem-solving, relationship building, empathy, and the ability to organise schedules and networks, to name but a few. Whether you retain your social care job or decide to change vocations down the line, you’ll find these skills useful in your career progression – and life in general. 

Find out more about yourself

The cases you’ll be allocated will connect you to situations that raise awareness. This awareness can, sometimes, be difficult to navigate and absorb. However, it will lead you on a new path of self-discovery, teaching you how to be more resilient and deal with challenges. Remember, the path to becoming a social worker equips you with the strength and knowledge you need to perform the role. When you overcome challenges, you’ll revel in feelings of empowerment and determination, all of which reveal skills and power you might never have known you possess. 

Meet like-minded people

Another benefit of being a social worker is that you get to meet and network with like-minded people. You’ll discover there are others who share your passion for people and their health and happiness. This can be a huge motivator and you’ll soon build relationships with individuals who share your goals. You may even come across fellow social workers who want to help you realise your own goals since helping and proactiveness are in their nature like it is in yours. 

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