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Running for Charity

  • Publish Date: Posted 7 months ago
  • Author:by Abi Dickson

Running for a chosen charity is a great way to motivate yourself. Training and running for charity not only improves your fitness and health, but also help you stay determined through raising money and helping those in need.

Benefits of Running for Charity-

Raise Awareness of Charities

Runners usually wear a charity vest provided by their chosen charity, and many will also set up a JustGiving page, which will be frequently shared on social channels all of which gain publicity. Raising awareness of charities is so important, as you could potentially inspire new supporters of the chosen charity.

Increases Motivation

Running a long distance requires a lot of motivation, especially if you’re completing a run during the winter period. Prior to the charity run, you may train yourself often in the lead-up, this also calls for you to stay focused and motivated. However, with a charity run, you have a reason behind what you’re doing…. this can be used for your motivation!

Feel Rewarded

Doing good makes you feel good! Completing your run for charity should leave you feeling rewarded. Not only this, but running itself is great for our mental health, boosting our mood, improving sleep and physical health, and also boosting brainpower.

Improve your Health & Wellbeing

Whether you’re running out of enjoyment, to boost your fitness, or just because you fancy a change, running is a great opportunity to improve your health and wellbeing. Perhaps you aren’t a frequent runner and completing a charity run as a one-off, or running may be your hobby, either way, running is great for your mind and body.

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So, what we are we doing?

This upcoming Sunday, Service Care Solutions is taking part in Preston’s 10k run for our chosen charity Recycling Lives. Recycling Lives Charity support many people across Lancashire & Cumbria in a variety of areas such as; Reducing Homelessness, Rehabilitation of Offenders,Tackling Food Poverty & Changing Futures. We understand the impact we can have on our local community, and we are delighted to be partnering an raising money for Recycling Lives Charity on this event.

Let’s hear from some of the individuals taking part.

Josh Holland, Head of Division, Social Work Team-

As the current chair of our Social Value Committee, I think it’s amazing that over 20 people of varying running abilities and experience have committed to giving up their time to support a Local charity. It really does feel good to be part of a company that takes it's impact on it's local community seriously, using our platform to raise both awareness and funds for local causes across Preston & Lancashire. 

I’m currently in week 7 of training for my half marathon in October, so this 10k serves as great preparation for me to run a longer race in a month's time. I have loved the training, and I have been able to notice the benefits within myself, both physically and mentally. I am looking forward to the race and running alongside my colleagues at SCS, and more importantly, playing a part in raising funds for a worthwhile cause. I have been aware of Recycling Lives Charity for some time, but until I met with them, I didn’t quite understand the magnitude of the work they carry out. Knowing the money we raise will be directly supporting 100’s of people in the local community is a great feeling.

Lucy Jolley, Deputy Finance Manager-

As a keen runner, I’m looking forward to running with my colleagues and soaking in the atmosphere! Having previously run marathons for charity, I know how reliant smaller charities are on fundraising events like this, so is nice to be able to support a local one that is helping families across the Northwest!

Jamie Paul, Head of Division, Healthcare Team

I have never run for charity before so this will be the first time, so far I have done zero training so I better get started! I thoroughly enjoy playing sports but absolutely HATE running, so I must admit I’m not looking forward to it at all but I’m looking forward to the post-run food + drink! I decided to do the run simply to encourage those around me to do the same as I know a few like me are not fans of running!

Prakash Panchani, Recruitment Consultant, Construction Team

I have completed a charity run before, which was the 10K Tough Mudder for Chorley Inspire Youth Zone which consisted of running as well as completing obstacles in the mud, which was an experience I enjoyed! I haven’t trained for this 10k, however, I am a keen walker with an athletic background, so I’m sure I'll be able to get over the line with a few breaks! I am really looking forward to the run, and I’m hoping that the weather will be nice. I am always up for doing anything for charity, regardless of what they stand for, if they do good, I’m happy to get involved. Let’s go team SCS!

We want to wish a good luck to SCS team, and if you can spare a small donation to help raise money for Recycling Lives, it would be appreciated!

Donate now.

Visit Recycling Lives to find out more information.

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