Market leaders in the Criminal Justice sectors

For over 15 years, Service Care Solutions has been at the forefront of the criminal justice sector. Our deep-rooted reputation as specialists in jobs in criminal justice is a testament to our dedication, expertise, and understanding of both candidates and employers' unique needs.

Your Trusted Partner in Criminal Justice Recruitment

Our journey in the criminal justice industry has been marked by building strong relationships
with professional services across all areas. We pride ourselves on our comprehensive
candidate database, ensuring that we match the right talent with the right roles in criminal

Why Choose Service Care Solutions for Jobs in Criminal Justice?

  • Personalised Approach - We take the time to understand your specific requirements, ensuring that the talent we source and the jobs in criminal justice we offer align perfectly with your needs.

  • Dedicated Specialists - Our team members are not just recruiters; they are specialists in the criminal justice sector. They are your single point of contact, guiding you from registration to placement and beyond.

  • Extensive Network - Our longstanding presence in the industry has allowed us to establish strong ties with various entities in the criminal justice sector, from police forces to probation services.

Diverse Roles in Criminal Justice Police Forces

We excel in providing roles for ex-police officers and general police support, encompassing
areas such as:

● Admin
● Clerical
● Non-Operational Support
● IT
● Clinical-Based Roles

Probation Services

Our offerings span all grades, including roles for:
● Probation Officers (PO)
● Probation Service Officers (PSO)
● Approved Premises, Health & Wellbeing
● Administrative & Support

Prison Services

We cater to a wide range of roles within HMP establishments, including:
● Clinical Nurses
● Support Workers
● Prison Officers
● Administrative & Operational Support
● Educational Services

Each of our specialists focuses on dedicated markets, overseeing all recruitment in their
area. We offer jobs in criminal justice on a permanent, temporary, and ad-hoc basis across
public, private, and charitable sectors.

Embark on Your Criminal Justice Career with Us

If you're passionate about making a difference in the criminal justice sector, Service Care Solutions is here to guide you. Explore the myriad of opportunities and jobs in criminal justice with us, and let's shape a safer, more just society together.