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Business Services Office Assistant

Job Description

Job title: Business Services Office Assistant
Location of the job: Sevenoaks
Contract type: Temporary ongoing
Weekly hours: 37
Working hours and breaks: Office based
Start date: 15th July
Salary: £13.55

The Office Support Assistant will play a vital role in ensuring the smooth operation of office facilities across multiple locations in Kent. The ideal candidate will have strong organizational skills, proficiency in basic administrative tasks, and the ability to handle manual tasks efficiently. This role requires excellent communication skills and a proactive, team-oriented attitude, must have a driving licence.
Key Responsibilities:

  • Stock Management:

Regularly check and restock office supplies and kitchen essentials.
Ensure inventory levels are maintained and reorder supplies as needed.

  • Fleet Coordination:

Assist in coordinating repairs and maintenance for the company's vehicle fleet.
Schedule service appointments and maintain records of fleet maintenance.

  • Supply Delivery:

Deliver office supplies and equipment to various offices around Kent.
Handle manual tasks such as lifting and transporting items safely.

  • Administrative Support:

Perform basic administrative duties including data entry, filing, and document management.
Utilise MS Outlook, Word, and Excel for communication, scheduling, and reporting.

  • General Housekeeping:

Maintain cleanliness and organisation of office spaces and common areas.
Ensure a tidy and welcoming environment for staff and visitors.

  • Parking Assistance:

Assist with managing parking enquiries and allocations.
Provide support to staff and visitors regarding parking facilities.

  • Reception and Facilities Support:

Support Receptionist and Facilities staff with various tasks as needed.
Cover reception duties during breaks or absences.
Skills and Qualifications:

  • Organisational Skills: Ability to manage multiple tasks efficiently and prioritise workload.
  • Manual Handling: Physically capable of lifting and transporting office supplies and equipment.