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Job Description

Service Care Solutions are recruiting for investigators to work for a police force in Welwyn Gardens, the role is a fulltime long term contract with a likelihood to be made permanent, for more information please see below and to apply please contact Lewis on 01772 208962.

Role Title: Investigator
Rank/Grade: A4 (Non-supervisory)
Job Family: Operational Support
Reporting to: Local Crime Team, LPC Team or a HQ Crime based team, reporting directly to the Team Leader/Detective Sergeant

Main purpose of the role:

Investigate offences involving research, evidence and intelligence gathering.Utilise designated powers to search, investigate and pursue enquiries. Prepare and upgrade case files and process prisoners. Attend and give evidence at court as necessary. To provide administrative support to enable the efficient provision of service. To contribute to achieving the Force vision, purpose and values.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Responsible for the collection of all relevant documentation, information or data that will be required by the investigation to form an overall picture of the circumstances of the case including the application for and execution of search warrants.
  • Undertake searches of premises of arrested or detained individuals and where appropriate seize and take control of items for further investigation.
  • Interview suspects (alone or with colleagues) including using inferences, ensuring at all times the correct treatment of the detained individual.
  • Accurately gather information, working closely and communicating with all levels of the Constabulary, other Police Forces and external organisations, analysing and interpreting data and bringing any new evidence or intelligence in the enquiry to the notice of the lead investigator
  • Identify appropriate witnesses and obtain statements including the further arrest of a suspect when at a police station and using inferences ensuring at all times the correct treatment of the detained individual
  • Produce written evidence and, where necessary and appropriate deliver that evidence in court
  • To prepare briefing material and contribute at team briefings.

Designated Powers:

  • Para. 16 - Application and execution of Search Warrants
  • Para. 17 - Access to excluded and special procedure material
  • Para. 18 - Power of entry and search after arrest
  • Para. 19 - Power of seizure when lawfully on premises
  • Para. 20 - Power to access and copy seized material
  • Para. 21 - Power to arrest at a Police Station for other offences
  • Para. 22 - Power to transfer persons into custody of Investigating Officers
  • Para. 23 - Power to require arrested person to account for certain matters
  • Para. 24 - Extended powers of seizure