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Road Safety Operations Manager

Job Description

Are you passionate about road safety and keen to make a significant impact in your community? Devon & Cornwall Police are looking for a dedicated and skilled individual to join our team as a Road Safety Operations Manager. This vital role involves overseeing the maintenance and operational effectiveness of our speed enforcement assets and developing new strategies to enhance road safety across the region. If you have the experience and qualifications required, we invite you to apply for this challenging and rewarding position.

Location: Devon & Cornwall
Hours: 24 p/w
Contact: Lewis from Service Care, assisting Devon & Cornwall Police. For more information, call 01772 208962 or email

Principal Responsibilities:

The Road Safety Operations Manager will:

  • Ensure maintenance and operational effectiveness of static speed enforcement assets.
  • Oversee the procurement, design, and implementation of new static speed enforcement schemes.
  • Direct an effective mobile speed enforcement strategy with Speed Detection Officers.
  • Negotiate and maintain 5-year TTAS framework service and maintenance contracts for static speed enforcement cameras.
  • Represent the Force in implementing new static road speed enforcement schemes.
  • Maintain static enforcement camera systems and mobile camera technology.
  • Act as the Community Speedwatch Lead (CSW).
  • Manage team performance and welfare.
  • Handle departmental police complaints in accordance with policies and procedures.
  • Respond to Freedom of Information (FOI) requests for the Camera Safety Team.
  • Consider requests for road speed enforcement activity ensuring an equitable and objective response based on threat, risk, and harm.
  • Be an advanced level practitioner lead in road speed enforcement.
  • Possess the power and duty of a constable for speed enforcement activities, including using type-approved laser/radar devices for speed detection and prosecution casefiles.

Essential Capabilities & Experience:


  • Level 3 Qualification or evidenced experience at that level.

Skills and Knowledge:

  • Proficient with systems databases and IT applications including Microsoft 365.
  • Knowledge of partner agencies' priorities for Road Safety and Casualty Reduction.
  • Experience in Court procedures, giving evidence, and statement writing.
  • Data interrogation and analytical skills.
  • Effective report writing and data presentation skills.
  • Ability to work independently and remotely.
  • High-level customer service skills.
  • Effective administrative and records management skills.

Behavioural Competencies:

  • Negotiation and influencing.
  • Openness to change.
  • Respect for race and diversity.
  • Teamworking.
  • Effective communication.
  • Problem solving.
  • Personal responsibility.
  • Planning and organising.
  • Community and customer focus.

For further details and to apply, contact Lewis from Service Care at 01772 208962