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Witness Care Officer

Job Description

Job Title: Witness Care Officer
Job Family: Business Support

Overall Purpose of the Role:
Conduct the day-to-day delivery of Victim and Witness Care in accordance with the principles of The Victims Code of Practice (VCOP), acting as the point of contact for the Crown Prosecution Service, the Police, and other Criminal Justice Agencies from charge to conclusion. Collaborate with a team to enhance witness satisfaction and reduce the number of ineffective Trials.

Key Accountability Areas:

  1. Single Point of Contact: Act as the single point of contact for an allocated caseload of victims and witnesses, managing contact frequency and referral to partner agencies in line with VCOP, Witness Charter, and GDPR.
  2. Needs Assessment: Conduct tailored needs assessments with victims and witnesses, arranging special measures as needed and managing financial requirements with the CPS for transport and accommodation.
  3. Collaboration: Collaborate with support agencies and police officers to develop and implement support and safeguarding plans for victims and witnesses.
  4. Post-Trial Support: Provide support to victims during and after court processes, discussing Restorative Justice in 'Guilty Plea' cases and making quality referrals to restorative justice services.
  5. Data Management: Utilise relevant systems to record/update victim and witness information, ensuring effective communication with relevant CJ agencies.
  6. Liaison: Liaise with CPS Lawyers, Administration teams, Police Officers, and Court Listing staff regarding victim and witness issues, ensuring effective case progression.
  7. Advice and Support: Provide advice and support to investigating Officers/staff regarding victim and witness care, including special measures, intermediaries, and compliance with Victim Code and Witness Charter.


  • Gather, verify, and assess information to ensure compliance with the victim code of practice.
  • Adapt rapidly to upcoming developments in technology and working practices within Criminal Justice.
  • Address issues with a strong work ethic and uphold professional standards, including persuading emotional witnesses to attend court at short notice.
  • Liaise effectively with various stakeholders to ensure expeditious case progression.

Characteristics of the Role:

  • Expertise: Good standard of education, effective communication skills, ability to work independently, proficiency in MS Office, problem-solving skills, resilience, previous customer service experience, knowledge/experience of the Criminal Justice System, and willingness to learn relevant initiatives and protocols.

If you'd like anymore information or to apply please contact Lewis Ashcroft at or call 01772 208962