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Team Mental Health FIFA Tournament

  • Publish Date: Posted over 7 years ago
  • Author:by Rebecca Hyde

Let’s face it – who doesn’t love FIFA? The Mental Health division here at Service Care Solutions is the second-largest in the company so naturally we had a lot of competition for our most recent FIFA tournament! Our team works extremely well together as not only do we encourage each other to succeed in our professional life and get on well, we also have good personal relationships – primarily revolving around football. We have a mixture of teams that are supported including Liverpool, Manchester United, Manchester City, Blackburn, Newcastle and…Bayern Munich.

It is important that we have these regular activities as it further strengthens the relationships between team members and also gives us a chance to let our hair down as healthy working relationships are built on trust, mutual respect and communication. As employees, we spend a significant part of our time in the workplace, with our team members, supervisors and managers who play a substantial role in the quality of our daily working experience; and influence our outlook considerably. The truth is that the state of our relationships with co-workers affects us greatly, in our ability to succeed professionally and in our emotional well-being. Service Care Solutions actively encourages this relationship development between colleagues and teams as it harbors a positive mental attitude and increases efficiency and productivity across the business.

It is also important that clear boundaries are set so that everyone understands the differences between spending time together in and out of work. For example, limits can be set so that you’re talking about non-work related issues only during breaks and lunch. It’s also important to understand that sometimes you are dealing with professional issues inside the office that don’t need to affect your relationship outside of work. Another way to improve your relationships at work is to make sure you and your colleagues are taking breaks and lunches together and enjoying time to get to know each other.

As we work in an extremely fast-paced industry, the turn around for us to get candidates into work can be less than 5 days so naturally we are used to working ahead of the curve – something which is ingrained into our strong company mission statement. It’s a shame that some of these values weren’t transferred into our FIFA skills (aka me unfortunately!) We split the 10 people into two groups of 5, with the top two teams going through into the highly sought after semi-finals – culminating in a winner-takes-all final. Money wasn’t on the line here, but something much more valuable was at stake…pride! The games were close, with goals being conceded by every team and the precious 3 points not a guarantee. With a difference of 2 points separating second and third in both groups, it made for a nervy group stage. Our Divisional Director eventually won the tournament which may or may not have been a fix, but it was a fantastic night leaving us eager to plan the next one but more importantly, coming away with a strong sense of team-building.

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