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Six Top Tips on How to Smash That Interview

  • Publish Date: Posted over 5 years ago
  • Author:by Emily Bentley

We have all felt it at some point: sitting in a room, sometimes with other potential interviewees, and all the moisture has left your mouth and appeared on your shaky and clammy palms whilst waiting to be interrogated by strangers. The uncomfortable feeling makes you want the whole experience to end before it has even started. However it shouldn’t be a trauma! Below are a couple of tips which should help you feel more comfortable and therefore project the best version of you in order to get the job you’re after!


It is inevitable that you will be quizzed. Questions will fly towards you, both about you and also about your knowledge of the company. So BE PREPARED. Delving into the company’s history and learning about their journey and statistics (it's ok to have made notes and to take these in with you) will enable you to answer their questions with information without being flustered. This will help you feel calm knowing you won’t be caught out by a simple question you should know the answer to. Being prepared also involves thinking ahead to include practical solutions to issues which could throw you off. An example of this would be packing a compact mirror to check if you have anything in your teeth or tissues in case you spill your pre-interview glass of water. Have a look through this article to make sure you have everything you need -

2.Wear something you feel great in

Whether it’s a suit or your favourite shoes, wearing something which makes you feel good will help you feel comfortable and confident. If you’re worrying about what you’re wearing or you’re in an usual item of clothing which makes you feel uncomfortable you will most probably look and sound uncomfortable too. Whilst you will need to wear something smart, try to wear something which is in line with your style and makes you feel great. Try this article for tips on how to dress for an interview -

3.Clench your thighs

This might sound odd however it is almost impossible to shake when you’re concentrating on clenching your thigh muscles. If you can see your own hands shaking it can make you feel increasingly more nervous and can project a uneasy demeanour (which you probably are!) however you will feel more confident if you are in control of your own hands at least.

4.Stay standing

On arrival at your interview destination, you may be shown into a waiting area whether that’s a reception or boardroom. Try to remain standing at this point. Whilst it may be more comfortable to sit, you won’t be stood waiting long and you do not want them to see you struggling up out of a chair as your first impression. In addition, you will project confidence if you are on standing and on their level when you first meet.


When in a tricky and uncomfortable situation, it is difficult to listen which often leads to answering the wrong question. This can only fluster you more as you are told “that’s not really what I was asking”. Try instead to slow down your body’s natural response in fight or flight mode and listen carefully to the question. It is also a key aspect to help you make the other person feel special by listening carefully to exactly what they’re saying and answering the right questions. Remember to ask your interviewer(s) questions too, this will take the focus off you slightly whilst also projecting an image of interest and enthusiasm.

6.Plan a treat

Having something to look forward to will help you get through the interview. Nobody looks forward to being bombarded with questions by strangers for an hour or more so having something nice to do afterwards will help. Whether it’s a trip to meet some friends or a snack from your favourite shop, have something planned to be excited about. Try to remain calm and remember, you’ve already been shortlisted so you’ve already done something right. So be proud of what you have already achieved and go into the interview prepared, confident and wearing your favourite shoes. Remember that it’s a conversation, so listen carefully, answer the questions asked and remember to ask questions to your interviewers.

And if it all goes wrong, at least you’ve booked a treat for afterwards!

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