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The Balancing Act

  • Publish Date: Posted about 5 years ago
  • Author:by Jemma Molloy

Being a university student and carrying out my placement year at Service Care Solutions as a Consultant in Social Work has resulted in carrying out a balancing act.

Currently studying Business Management at University of Liverpool, I began my placement at Service Care Solutions in June of last year. Getting to grips with something completely different, whilst completing assignments and exams for my degree has been something that I thought would be difficult to manage.

Sometimes it would prove to be slightly stressful as I would have a number of deadlines coming in for the same week, and I would also have a number of jobs to complete at work. But with a lot of hard work and dedication, I was somehow able to pull it all off.

A lot of my modules at university fall in line with various aspects within the recruitment industry, for example; People Management, Marketing, Accounting and Finance. I managed to use my experience within the workplace as a basis for my university assignments, using real life experiences as examples within my written work.

By carrying out a placement year at Service Care Solutions, it was it has opened my eyes to the “real world”, the working life, and this experience isn’t one that I would trade.

For those of you that look to carry out placement years, I would hugely recommend the option. Not only do you receive experience within something that you may be intrigued in, but it allows you plan out your future, and see whether the role/career is right for you.

In a few months, I will be returning back to University to complete my final year. Knowing that my timetable places my lectures into one day, I wondered as to whether there would be an opportunity to remain at Service Care Solutions part time, in line with my studies. Recruitment wasn’t something I ever thought I would go into, but after the experience I have had here so far, it’s something I am wanting to stick to and pursue a career in. And after a review of my work within the company, the decision has been made that I am now no longer a placement student, but a permanent employee, and I am excited to see what the future holds after my degree is completed.

Editor's note:

We thought it would be nice to get some feedback form Josh Holland, Jemma's manager. He said,

"After joining us initially on a 12 month work-placement from University of Liverpool, Jemma has really encompassed what Service Care Solutions is all about, with a particular passion for building longstanding relationships with her clients and candidates. Working in the Hampshire & Berkshire areas, Jemma has already become and trusted and valued consultant for the Local Authorities and I have no doubt this will continue. Well done Jemma, I look forward to seeing your development within the company!"

If you are thinking about embarking of a Placement Year, please contact Jess Livesey, HR Manager, on 01772 208956 

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