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Dating & Recruitment
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Dating and Recruitment

  • Publish Date: Posted over 4 years ago
  • Author:by Ryan Curwen

Here at Service Care Solutions, we like to do things a little differently; we aren’t your run of the mill ‘hard sell’ ‘yes men’ that people often imagine recruitment consultants to be.

With this in mind, we wanted to create a light-hearted relatable look comparing what recruitment is like in comparison to dating! Team Leader for our Housing Division, Ryan Curwen, gives us an honest account:

Let’s take a short trip down memory lane back to January 2019. The new year had thrown me right into the deep end. I was on the slippery slope towards 30, newly single - just broken up with my long term girlfriend and moved back in with my parents… all in all, it was a pretty low point for me.

But enough of the sob story… a couple of months of moping around and I realised that it was probably time to get back on the proverbial horse. This is where the tale begins…

Dating, as I knew it, had changed a lot since my early twenties. The likes of Tinder (other app based dating platforms are also available) had changed the game. However, it soon became apparent that my experience in recruitment could prove useful to adjusting to what was an alien dating world. So I decided to put some tips together to help those who may also be venturing in to this modern age dating lark for the first time.

Dating App Profile = CV Writing

First impressions people - never underestimate them! You ever heard that age old statistic about managers taking 6 seconds to look at a CV before moving on to the next applicant? Try 2 seconds on dating profiles. Your profile needs to catch the eye quickly, or you’ll quickly find yourself in the “swipe left” pile.

Have a good selection of photos at the ready, and for the love of God, please do not pout! In your bio, I always find it better to keep it short and snappy, maybe even statements that can act as ice breakers and talking points for potential matches. You may choose to put some links to social media profiles. Just like on a CV where a lot of people have links to their LinkedIn, it may count in your favour and give potential matches a better insight to your personality.

Top Tips: Avoid group photos, take it easy on the filters, have a short and snappy bio, showcase personality.

Use of Dating Apps = Candidate Searches

Like in recruitment, there are many platforms you can utilise to help find your match! I’d recommend having a look around to see which ones best meet your requirements. Some are more ideal for finding permanent placements, others are well, let’s say, more suited for short term arrangements…

Most of these apps will have a function which allows you to search based on location, radius and age range. Nobody likes to waste their time speaking with unsuitable candidates or applying for the wrong vacancies, so use these features wisely!

It is important at this stage to be mindful about the “catfish” candidate! Unfortunately, there are some sneaky people out there who embellish their CVs somewhat. Some even blatantly lie. In the dating world, this is no different. Keep an eye out for red flags such as profiles with only one photo, or photos that appear heavily edited or filtered. If seems too good to be true, it usually probably is.

Top Tips: Have active profiles on numerous platforms to broaden your search, watch out for catfish!

Pre Screening = The messaging stage

*Ping* Notification - you have a match! Is this candidate the one you have been looking for? Now at this stage, you will already have both “swiped right”. Let the fun commence… It’s time for pre-screening to begin! Don’t be afraid of messaging first. Be brave, be bold, be confident. Everyone in their head has a person spec, let’s call it a checklist as to what their ideal match would be. It’s time to tick those boxes! Remember though, the perfect candidate doesn’t always exist. It is important to weigh up which parts of your criteria are most valuable and be open to the unexpected!

Top Tips: Don’t be pushy, keep your checklist in mind, do not to ask for references from previous partners. Yeah…definitely don’t do that!

Interviews = Dates

It’s the crucial stage! The face to face interview…. the first date! Rule number one. Dress to impress, you’re meeting a potential partner so don’t mess up at the first hurdle. I would recommend a relaxed environment, somewhere where you can have a good conversation and get to know each other better. Ask lots of questions, listen attentively and be yourself! Just like an interview, don’t get down if your date doesn’t work out. It can sometimes take many interviews for employers to find the right candidate for a role. But that candidate is always out there. So make sure you persevere and keep putting yourself out there. Every date that doesn’t work out is experienced gained for the next one!

Top Tips: Avoid the Cinema as a first date, dress to impress, keep it fun, be yourself!

Relationship = Job Offer

Interviews complete, you have reached the final stage and an offer is on the table! You can now close the deal! One last vital bit of advice…. beware of counter offers, it’s easy for them to try turn your head. But it’s always good to remember why it never worked. Hopefully, you are now a little more prepared then I was. Good luck and happy swiping!


Whether you are still in the dating game or happily retired from it, you may be someone who is actively looking to recruit housing staff or, indeed, looking for a job in this sector yourself. We have a huge range of roles, from Housing Officer to Rough Sleep Worker, and are the number one ranked supplier for Procurement for Housing. If you are interested in finding out more, please contact us for further information or call Ryan and his team on 01772 208 966.

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