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Can you do an Apprenticeship in HR?

  • Publish Date: Posted about 1 year ago
  • Author:by Abi Dickson

As the industries for Apprenticeships are constantly growing, you may wonder if an apprenticeship in Human Resources (HR) is something on offer. With the HR department being a vital role in the working of a business or company, you might be surprised that you don’t necessarily need a qualification to gain the experience, instead, you can gain this through an apprenticeship. However, if you do already qualify, you might find that a higher-level apprenticeship is more suited to you.

What is Human Resources?

Human Resources (HR) is the department within the workplace that is responsible for managing the life cycle of employees. Their main responsibility is to support employees through their working journey which starts during the hiring process and onboarding, to training and day-to-day job satisfaction. On a whole, HR is made up of five branches. Each area can provide different progression opportunities to HR professionals looking to climb the ladder.

  1. Talent management

  2. Compensation and Benefits

  3. Training and Development

  4. HR Compliance

  5. Work Safety

It is possible for these areas to cross over, which means your responsibilities can spill into multiple areas at once, depending on the structure of the HR department within the organisation you are working for.

What job roles are available in HR?

If any of these roles interest you, but you’re sat there with no experience, then this blog is for you… read on, we’ll provide the information you need!

How do HR Apprenticeships work?

​When choosing the right HR apprenticeship for you, there are various pathways, dependent upon any previous qualifications or experience, or if you’re new to HR. HR Apprenticeships are formed into two different levels, level three, and level five. The level three qualification is equivalent to A Level standard and typically lasts 18-24 months, whereas the level five qualification has a duration of two years and is equivalent to a diploma level. On completion of the course, you will be CIPD accredited, therefore presenting you as an HR professional. CIPD, Chartered Institute of Personnel Development (CIPD) is the main professional body to accredit and award professional HR qualifications.

Within this supporting sector, there are two main routes, either Learning and Development (L&D) or HR, both of which are available in apprenticeships with CIPD. The purpose of L&D is suitable for those interested in the role of supporting individuals in the company and their professional development, implementing training that meets the organisational needs. Alike to other apprentices, you will be working in the workplace, putting your skills to practice, whilst gaining the support of other HR professionals around you, thus allowing you to recognise the roles carried out first-hand. You will be doing this, alongside your study days, in which you will gain further knowledge of the HR industry, all of which build together to gain the CIPD accreditation at your endpoint assessment.

What are the benefits of working in HR?

Do you like making an influence on those around you? Do you thrive by working closely with other members of staff? If so, then working within Human Resources may be suited to you! With a main factor of the HR function to be a support system within the workplace, you may find working within this role, you need to be a good listener for those working in the company, for some can act as a sense of being a reward. Not only this, but many decisions also stem from the HR department, for example, any policies within the workplace, thus meaning you’ll influence those you work with therefore holding a certain level of power.

Additionally, working in this sector can be incredibly challenging at times, as you must solve multiple issues that may arise, however for those who thrive in a challenging environment, working within HR may be just up your street! Not to forget, with this job role, you will be expected to work alongside many other members of staff, therefore this can be a positive factor for those who are big on being a people person!

Not only this, but if you start with a Level Three Apprenticeship, you have plenty of space to grow and work towards a higher level of HR, which opens new and more experienced job titles within the department. Again, for those who like a challenge and progressing through the role, working in HR may be the one! Another additional reason to get you diving into the HR world is the fact that no two days are the same, you’ll be constantly finding out new information, working with new people, and discovering more about those around you. Working within HR can be rewarding as salaries can range on average from £19,000 to £70,000 dependent upon the role and the area, you’re working in.

The Next Steps...

If you’ve made it to the end of the blog, and you’re thinking, where do I find the right role for me? Then the CIPD website covers all that you need to know, the different levels and the different roles within an HR Apprenticeship. Not only this but Runshaw College, also work alongside CIPD, in offering accreditation through studying with their college.

If you want to find out more about at a typical day in the life of an HR apprentice looks like, then check out our recent TikTok by Skye, our HR Apprentice.

We also supply HR roles for housing associations.

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