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Why is Teamwork Important in the Workplace?

  • Publish Date: Posted 11 months ago
  • Author:by Abi Dickson

Teamwork is the ability of a group of people to work well together, and it is important within a workplace as it allows individuals to encourage personal growth, increases job satisfaction, and reduces stress. Working as a team can help grow a sense of community, which 54% of employees say is the reason they stay within a business. If you’re wondering what other benefits teamwork brings, we’re going to tell you!

Reduces and Eliminates Workplace Conflict-

According to CPP, 85% of employees experience inevitable conflict in the workplace, with29% of employees having to deal with constant conflict. Teamwork can help eliminate conflict, as working together can help to adapt a cohesive unit, where an environment of trust can be adopted. Furthermore, working effectively in a team can encourage employees to listen to other individuals, and see others’ perspectives. Through working closely with other members of staff, employees can grow closer to those they work with, and build a sense of trust within the workplace. Moreover, collective problem-solving can promote taking accountability, where conflict can be viewed as an opportunity for growth. Overall, embracing elements of teamwork within the workplace can encourage a friendly working environment, where conflicts can be minimised.

Helps you to Grow-

Teamwork within the workplace is vital in facilitating personal and professional growth, with companies and organizations that communicate effectively being 4.5x more likely to retain the best employees. Working collaboratively within the workplace can allow individuals to learn from one another, share knowledge and develop their skills further. Additionally, when working in a team, can encourage individuals to step out of their comfort zone, and challenge themselves, further developing their skills. Not only does this allow you to learn from one another, but workplace skills such as listening, conflict resolution, and constructive feedback are also strengthened. Working with others also opens opportunities to celebrate other individuals’ work and the ability to recognise and appreciate one another. Therefore, the ability to work as a team creates a positive working environment, where growth is present through fostering continuous learning, and skill development.

Group of employees in the office presenting teamwork in a positive light

Lowers the Risk of Burnout-

Teamwork in the workplace plays a vital role in reducing burnout among employees within the business. Workplaces that foster a collaborative environment can allow for the workload to be distributed more effectively and therefore prevent employees from working themselves. Teamwork can help to develop friendships within the business, and nearly57% of people claim this helps them to stay happy within work, helping to reduce the risk of burnout. Additionally, teamwork can encourage communication with other employees where individuals can express their concerns, and seek help when needed, this sense of authenticity and social network can help against burning out. Not only this, but teamwork often leads to increased efficiency, which can enable employees to achieve their goals more effectively, allowing them to feel an element of pride. Overall, this can reduce the levels of stress within a business, and prevent excessive work pressures, which prevents burning out.

Boosts Productivity-

A survey conducted by Gallup found that employees who believe their opinions count at work are 4.6 times more likely to be engaged and motivated. Effective teamwork values encourage active participation, empowering employees to contribute their ideas and opinions. The increased engagement and motivation will therefore add to the productivity levels of employees. As stated previously, teamwork promotes effective communication and collaboration, which helps lead to improved problem-solving, ultimately driving productivity. Working collaboratively allows for additional support and the sharing of skills amongst employees, therefore reducing the levels of stress, and increasing the productivity levels of individuals. Through the sense of collective responsibility, this van allows teammates to rely on one another to meet goals, motivating individuals to stay focused and perform at their best. Overall, through effective collaboration, communication, and support, teamwork can create a positive working environment, which can increase productivity levels and success within the workplace.

Builds Confidence-

Additionally, working in a team can also play a significant role in building individuals’ confidence within the workplace. Support and encouragement which comes through working alongside others can help to increase the confidence level and allow for employees to grow. Individual growth, such as communicative and collaborative skills, can also help to expand confidence. Again, the professional growth that’s developed through teamwork, allows for employees to step out of their comfort zone further and take on new challenges, all of which come hand in hand with confidence building. This cycle of collaboration, support, and personal growth all contributes to increasing levels of confidence.

At Service Care Solutions, we value friendships within the business, and offer frequent team-building opportunities, in order to build on internal relationships. Through this, we believe we can provide a positive working environment for our employers, where individuals feel happy and content within the workplace. If you want to work for a company that values these aspects, why not join us?

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